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Today on the Morning Show we welcomed a walker into our studio.  Ben Clagett is walking across America, coast to coast.  You can see his progress, and find out if you might want to connect with him and help him out along his travels at this website Walk for 60

Stacy K joined us by phone recently on CenterStage Minnesota celebrating the release of her new single "Feels Good," the first release off her upcoming album this fall. Stacy talked about her positive feelings coming into recovery from alcohol and the joy of having a daughter. She's hoping to release a couple more songs this summer before releasing the whole album in the fall and supporting it with a Minnesota tour. Hear my conversation with Stacy K by clicking the link below.


In the latest meeting of the breakfast minds, Marian Barcus joined Heidi and John for a breakfast of Greek yogurt, blueberries, and fresh ground decaf coffee. Marian spends much of the summer at the fishing camp north of Deer River, but invited John and Heidi to her park model trailer in Arizona any time. If they arrive mid-morning, she'll have a granola bar to share with them. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

Grant Frashier

A visit to the Dorothy Molter Museum in Ely provides a glimps into the life of this Minnesota icon Grant Frashier talks with Jess Edberg, Executive Director.

Strong Kathleen

Jun 21, 2018
John Bauer

We continue our series with Strong Women in northern Minnesota that have stories to tell.  Kathleen Blake talks with John Bauer.  This story made possible in part by the Arts and Cultural heritage Fund and the citizens of MN.

selfie by john bauer, max's dad

This morning we had the great honor to talk with a Special Olympian from Grand Rapids.  He'll be competing in 50 and 100 meter dash, 4x4 relay and shotput. 

Lou Ferreri is a mixed media visual artist whose 120 piece show is currently on display at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji.  His exhibit, "The Internal Affairs of Mr. Invincible" is an extensive collection of intricate, elaborate doodles created on the editorial sections of the New York Times.  Twenty five of those works have an accompanying essay gifting the viewer with even more depth, context and understanding to those associated pieces.  All of the works are cholk full of a unique balance of symbolism and relatable images as well as whimsy and gravity.  The twenty five with accompanying writings are collected and displayed in the book, "The Internal Affairs of Mr. Invincible."

Katie Carter

We care deeply about the natural world around us here at KAXE-KBXE.  Each week our resident phenologist John Latimer provides a complete Phenology Report giving listeners a comprehensive look at what's  happening in nature here in northern Minnesota. And, a lot is happening out in nature in northern Minnesota right now!

What are you noticing?  Send us a note via email or leave a voicemail at 218.999.9876.  We'd love to hear about it.   

Maureen Gibbon via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

We look forward to Tuesday because it's the  day we set aside to really dig into what is happening climate-wise around the listening area.  Our Phenology Talkback segment is the time of the week when we reflect on nature observations made by folks across the region.  They email us or leave voicemails on our talkback line (218.999.9876) expressing questions and comments about what they are noticing out in nature.  These Phenology reports help us tell the climate story of our region and we just love hearing from and connecting

This morning we welcomed John Davis and Dave Lick into our studios to talk "Septic Secrets - Septic System Seminar" on Thursday June 28th at Wabana Town Hall.  Potluck at 4pm and seminar at 7pm. 


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New advances in medicine also tend to come with a hefty dose of hype. Yes, some new cancer drugs in the hot field of precision medicine have worked remarkably well for some patients. But while many patients clamor for them, they aren't currently effective for the vast majority of cancers.

All it took was one Facebook post and it seemed the whole Internet, or Twitter at least, knew what happened at The Red Hen in Lexington, Va., on Friday night.

The Facebook status update posted by a server at the small farm-to-table restaurant in the Shenandoah Valley read: "I just served Sarah huckabee sanders for a total of 2 minutes before my owner asked her to leave." The post has since been deleted.

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