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Each week, our resident Phenologist John Latimer puts together a report of the subtle and not so subtle phenological changes he's noticed in the past week and he shares those observations with our listeners.  This week's report includes a full report of what's blooming right now and how this year's blooms are measuring up to the yearly average bloom dates.  Rabbits foot clover, common evening primrose, sawtooth sunflower, and early goldenrod are just a sampling of what John discusses today! 

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We focus on the out-of-doors every Tuesday with our Phenology Show.  In our talkback segment we share comments related to the outdoors that have come our way over the course of the week.

Northland Arboretum

Today John Latimer and I had the chance to talk about the events going on at the Northland Arboretum in Brainerd with executive director Vicki Foss. 

A princess, is a princess, is a princess...until she's not. In her poem "For Ilene Woods (born Jaqueline)", Ali O'Reilly details the long life of one princess in particular.

Heidi Holtan

Today we visited with Erik Elsea from Cape Coral, FL - he's paddling the length of the Mississippi River to raise money for ShelterBox USA.  ShelterBox provides humanitarian aid in the form of family-sized tents and essential tools to start repairing and rebuilding homes.  ShelterBox USA is a rotary club project. 

Find information at Mississippi Expedition

Heidi Holtan

In our July series we'll take up the topic of immigration with our liberal commentator Aaron Brown and conservative Chuck Marohn.  They look at their immigrant roots in MN.  They reminded us that unless you are a Native American or an ancestor of a slave - you are an immigrant in America.  What stories do you know from your family?  What DIDN'T they tell you?  We'll keep this conversation going all week and get into current immigration policies and politics. 

Wes Bailey

World Cup coverage from our intrepid soccer reporter Dan Gannon.  Who were you rooting for?

 Marshall Helmberger talks Vacation Rentals by Owner on Vermilion, Spruce Grouse and the bounty of this year's berry season. 

We continue our monthly conversation about homes - buying, selling and all things in between.  Real estate agent Jesse Davis introduced us to Amanda Tretter from Woodlands National Bank in Onamia to tell us more about HUD-184 loans on tribal lands.

We continued our Making sausage candidate series with lawyer Matt Pelikan today.  After a dramatic DFL convention, he was endorsed, but then the field became very crowded with candidates. Matt tells us what he thinks is important about the role of MN Attorney General. 


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Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013, would have been 100 years old on Wednesday. A new book is out to mark the occasion, The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela.

These deeply personal letters, many to his wife, his children and his closest friends, have never previously been published.

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Lizzie Purbrick, a former champion equestrian, admitted in a British court that she scrawled rude messages inside her lover's house in pig's blood as revenge for an affair.

She said she discovered her partner, conservative member of Parliament David Prior, was sleeping with another woman. So in May, she let herself into his South London home, armed with the blood.

Purbrick turned herself into police quickly, and confessed to the crime in court on Tuesday. She called the blood-spraying act "cathartic."

She has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service.

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