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Wednesday, October 4 the University of MN’s Natural Resources Research Institute hosted an open house for the media at its research lab in Coleraine.  The purpose of the event was to showcase a new bio-fuels project that is the result of ten years of research into producing renewable fuels from wood chips and other plants.

Friday mornings Timberjay editor and publisher Marshall Helmberger tells us about some of the stories they covered this week.  Today we hear about the a visit by Rep. Ilhan Omar and other Somali Americans to Tower, a Forest Management bill that has been proposed, the health of the wolf population, issues and outages with internet services and fall color progress.

One of the many fun stops at the State Fair is at the corner of Randall and Cosgrove where the Math-on-a-Stick activites cover x number of square feet (please solve for x). We talked to one of the volunteers who share fun math experiences with fairgoers of all ages.

Paddle Minnesota: Amy and Dave Freeman

Oct 4, 2017

Producer Jim Gallagher talks with Amy and Dave Freeman about their new book “A Year in the Wilderness – Bearing Witness in the Boundary Waters”. The book chronicles their year spent living in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Wilderness to call attention to the threat of sulfide mining within the wilderness watershed.

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Tuesdays are dedicated to the natural world around us here at KAXE/KBXE.  The Phenology Report provides a comprehensive look at what's  what's changing color, flying, blooming, ripening and happening in nature here in northern Minnesota.  

What have you noticed?  Send us a note via email or leave a voicemail at 218.999.9876.  We'd love to hear about it.   


School's open and the student Phenology Reports are rolling in!   Click on the links to hear what the kids are noticing across the listening region!  

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What We Are Reading - Show us your shelf

Oct 3, 2017

In this installment of What We're Reading, listener-readers tell us about their favorite books they read over the summer and we get to know more about our community of readers in a new feature, "Show Me Your Shelf" -- Producer Tammy Bobrowsky visits the home of Grace from Bemidji and asks her about her book collection.

Do you have a bookshelf you would like to share with us?  Send it along to

The same guy, Fred Pittroff,who built the giant slide at the State Fair still keeps track of it, having passed off ownership and operation to his son. We were lucky enough to talk to him in the AMPERS booth.

Does the writing of poetry revolve around a red wheel-barrow? This week on wordish Emilio DeGrazia lays out his case.

This year MN Governor Mark Dayton is celebrating the tradition of hunting in Grand Rapids.  Hunting is a great tradition and an economic boost in Grand Rapids and Itasca County and Executive Director Megan Christenson from Visit Grand Rapids and Craig Engwall from MN Deer Hunters Association joined us this morning. 


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Less than a week after President Trump said he is cutting off subsidies to health insurance companies, lawmakers say they have a deal to restore the money and take other actions that could stabilize insurance markets for next year.

Not long after Daphne Caruana Galizia pulled out of her home in northern Malta on Monday, the journalist's car erupted in a blast that sent her flying across a nearby field. The victim of an apparent car bombing, Caruana Galizia was dead immediately.

But the hard questions stirred by her murder — and by the journalism she left behind — are unlikely to fade as quickly as those flames.

American author George Saunders has won the Man Booker prize for his first novel, Lincoln in the Bardo, a polyphonous meditation on death, grief and American history.

Saunders, widely lauded for his short stories, was considered the favorite to win the award. His novel centers on the death of Abraham Lincoln's beloved son Willie, and the night that Lincoln reportedly spent in the graveyard, devastated by his grief and lingering by his son's body.

Updated at 5:55 p.m. ET

The pushback — and the outrage — began immediately.

Trump was asked on Monday why he had not yet commented on the deaths of four U.S. soldiers who were ambushed during a mission in Niger on Oct. 4. In his answer, Trump turned attention to the policies of past presidents and their contact with families of service members who have died.

On Tuesday, he followed his initial comments with more assertions, offering a specific example. That prompted further rebuttal from staff of previous administrations.

On Wednesday morning, a federal judge in Manhattan will hear preliminary arguments in a case that claims President Trump is violating the Constitution's ban on accepting foreign payments, or emoluments.

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