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Max and Bertha Pumpkin rolled in from Nova Scotia to offer some advice on growing the giant pumpkins planted at Northern Community Radio's Grand Rapids studio. You have to listen to believe it! One thing is clear: baby giant pumpkin plants experience a growth spurt whenever you pledge to the "You Dig" summer membership drive. Call 800/662-5799 or pledge online at KAXE dot org.

It's Tuesday and that means it's time to talk nature.  Each week, our resident Phenologist John Latimer puts together a report of the subtle and not so subtle changes he's noticed in the past week and he shares those observations with our listeners.  This week's report includes reports from John's property and a walk about at a cedar swamp.  Ferms, blue flag wild irises, buttercups, orchids, and a lesson on how to tell the difference between male and female jack and the pulpits.  Take a listen to hear the whole report. 

Sarah MacRostie via KAXE/KBXE Season Watch FB Page

We're pretty bonkers about nature here at KAXE/KBXE Northern Community Radio.  We look forward to Tuesday because it's the  day we set aside to really dig into what is happening climate-wise around the listening area.  Our Phenology Talkback segment is the time of the week when we reflect on nature observations made by folks across the region.  They email us or leave voicemails on our talkback line (218.999.9876) expressing questions and comments about what they are noticing out in nature.  These Phenology help us tell the cli

Brainerd Dispatch

There is a monster threatening the residents of North Long Lake near Brainerd. Last October, on Friday the 13th, a monster bog broke off and began drifting around North Long Lake north of Brainerd.  It's not unusual for bogs to break loose, but this one is huge.  It weighs about 4 thousand tons - that's 8 million pounds!  It's about 4 acres in size; and it's made up of muck and plants like bullrushes and tamarack trees. 

In this "Very Special 'Dig Deep' Edition" of wordish, I help Chuck Marone and Aaron Brown explain the economics of Northern Minnesota - through poetry!