Melanie Quillin

Conversations can lead to places you never expected.  On the Thursday Morning Show we were introducing a NPR Morning Edition story on Swarms Of Tiny Sea Creatures are Powerful Enough to Mix Oceans. 

Grant Frashier

What is your connection to water?  Close to Home host Grant Frashier talked with Lauren Wiese about the We Are Water Exhibit currently housed at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, Minnesota which asks that question and encourages visitors to reflect on their impact on this important natural resource. 

The next in the Centerstage Minnesota concerts at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids is Siama Matuzungidi.  A Congolese guitarman,  Siama, recorded hundreds of hits and toured the world with soukous greats until making Minneapolis home base.

Siama’s picking style is legendary.  He and partner Dallas sing up a sweet storm and, along with authentic drum and belafon (a calabash marimba), they perform the sounds of DR Congo and upbeat soukous of East African dance floors

via Minnsota Brown credit: Jake Janski

 Sam Brodey is the Washington DC correspondent for Minn Post.  He was in Duluth Saturday April 14th to cover the lengthy DFL District 8 convention where after 10 rounds, no endorsement was made.  This is one of the most expensive and most watched races in the nation. 

Poet and educator, Athena Kildegaard of Morris details the rich beauty and deep entanglements of the Mississippi in her poem, "The River Speaks to my Mother."