Writer and artist Kellie Rae Theiss tells us the harrowing story of her dog Izzy and a raccoon. 

Meadow Kouffeld

Grouse Hunting season started and Meadow Kouffeld was in to tell us about it as well as the National Hunt in Grand Rapids and how to get younger people into hunting.  Meadow is the Minnesota and Western Upper Peninsula Regional Biologist for the Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society. 

Maureen Gibbon via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page


Tuesdays are dedicated to the natural world around us here at KAXE/KBXE.  The Phenology Report provides a comprehensive look at what's  what's changing color, flying, blooming, ripening and happening in nature here in northern Minnesota.  

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Steve Patterson via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page



School's open and the student Phenology Reports are rolling in!   Click on the links to hear what the kids and adults are noticing from Virginia to Long Prairie!  

Know of a teacher who wants to get students involved in the Phenology Program?  Send John Latimer an email! 


This morning Karen Noyce sat in on A Talk On the Wild Side and helped us understand bears more.