Brett Carter

Volunteer Coordinator

Brett Carter is the host of Centerstage Minnesota and volunteer coordinator at Northern Community Radio.  When not scheduling, training and coaching our team of over 100 volunteers, he is shining the spotlight on great Minnesota music.  He entertains his co-workers with his quirky sense of humor, unique socks and collection of multi-colored pens.  Brett lives in Bagley with his wife and beloved cats.  It is rumored he once spent $10,000 on his cats birthday ....

Ways to Connect

Singer Lady Midnight visited the KBXE studio during CenterStage Minnesota recently. She talked about her music and a variety of artistic endeavors including helping kids at Red Lake Secondary Complex write a song and create a music video now available online. Hear the interview by clicking below.

When John and Heidi pulled up a chair to Genevieve Radniecki's table for breakfast, they didn't know they'd be hiring out John for staining services this summer.

AURE, Minnesota, May 25 - "Like every normal person does!" With those words, Natalie Corcoran of Aure established herself as Heidi and John's future morning show replacement after being asked how she eats her egg. Natalie joined Heidi and John for What's For Breakfast amidst the big hustle of getting ready to leave for New Jersey. She took little time to offer up a simple breakfast idea of eggs and toast, and a lot of time to run through an awesome Madlib about bullfighting. Don't miss that and more from Natalie, a 2nd grader, who knows her stuff.

Amanda Lofthus joined John and Sarah to talk about breakfast, but since she hadn't had any, the conversation went every which way. From graduation to block parties, and from spring road tours to lettuce and cheese sandwiches, John and Sarah discovered how to make it through the day on little or no food.

Northern Community Board member Doug Baker joined Heidi and John on What's For Breakfast. He survived a mystery jar of preserves from France on toast with butter. He also had his daily orange juice while getting ready for coffee later. Doug and his wife were heading out for a good time at local sales, but they were happy to take time to talk about morning routines.