Brett Carter

Volunteer Coordinator

Brett Carter is the host of Centerstage Minnesota and volunteer coordinator at Northern Community Radio.  When not scheduling, training and coaching our team of over 100 volunteers, he is shining the spotlight on great Minnesota music.  He entertains his co-workers with his quirky sense of humor, unique socks and collection of multi-colored pens.  Brett lives in Bagley with his wife and beloved cats.  It is rumored he once spent $10,000 on his cats birthday ....

Ways to Connect

One of the many fun stops at the State Fair is at the corner of Randall and Cosgrove where the Math-on-a-Stick activites cover x number of square feet (please solve for x). We talked to one of the volunteers who share fun math experiences with fairgoers of all ages.

The same guy, Fred Pittroff,who built the giant slide at the State Fair still keeps track of it, having passed off ownership and operation to his son. We were lucky enough to talk to him in the AMPERS booth.

I happened upon Sarah, from Stillwater, just before her shift at Sweet Martha's at the State Fair. She talked about the fun of making millions of cookies for the entire run of the fair.

Haiden stopped by the booth to see what this radio stuff was all about. When she said she was thinking about radio as a careeer, we just had to talk to her.

"Huskies are a lot of work." That's the lesson we learned from talking to some husky owners at the Minnesota State Fair.