Brett Carter

Volunteer Coordinator

Brett Carter is the host of Centerstage Minnesota and volunteer coordinator at Northern Community Radio.  When not scheduling, training and coaching our team of over 100 volunteers, he is shining the spotlight on great Minnesota music.  He entertains his co-workers with his quirky sense of humor, unique socks and collection of multi-colored pens.  Brett lives in Bagley with his wife and beloved cats.  It is rumored he once spent $10,000 on his cats birthday ....

Ways to Connect

Finn Jorgenson from Bemidji called in on the way to the strawberry patch to tell John and Heidi about his breakfast of a little garden harvest muffin made with zucchini and carrots and a few other things and a "just right" banana. Finn let them in on his secret beverage choice of black coffee with a double-shot of espresso (Don't tell his mom.). John and Heidi nearly hung up on him when Finn said he didn't like whipped cream, only pausing when he clarified that it could only be home-made whip for him. Hear the whole conversation below.

Frank Gatusky of Grand Rapids joined Heidi and John to share a breakfast waffle from the toaster, smothered in syrup. He did seem intrigued about Heidi's suggestion to add fruit and whip before the gallons of syrup. Frank also admitted that the upcoming birth of twins at his house is a bit concerning. All in all, though, he seemed to have everything under control.

Aaron Brown, host of The Great Northern Radio Show, joined John and Heidi to talk about local talent, a little politics, and breakfast. Daisy (not heard in the interview) somehow intervened to remind everyone that she has a banana for breakfast every day, or there will be consequences.

Carrie Thorvig of Grand Rapids joined Heidi and J0hn for breakfast and hypnosis on What's For Breakfast. There's no way to know for sure, but if you say coffee to Heidi from now on, she might tweet like a bird. Carrie was on her way back home from early errands and ready to have an English muffin with peanut butter complete with butter underneath to keep things from getting all sticky.

Little Bobby [Houle] called in to CenterStage Minnesota to talk about a series of concerts he's playing in the area to promote his latest DVD, a biography of his life so far, before he heads to Arkansas to continue his long career as a blues musician from Red Lake. All money from the DVD's purchased will support the Wounded Warrior's Project. Hear the whole interview by clicking below.