Brett Carter

Volunteer Coordinator

Brett Carter is the host of Centerstage Minnesota and volunteer coordinator at Northern Community Radio.  When not scheduling, training and coaching our team of over 100 volunteers, he is shining the spotlight on great Minnesota music.  He entertains his co-workers with his quirky sense of humor, unique socks and collection of multi-colored pens.  Brett lives in Bagley with his wife and beloved cats.  It is rumored he once spent $10,000 on his cats birthday ....

Ways to Connect

Thanks to Karen Sunderman, WDSE/WRPT

The Social Animals stopped by the studio to talk about touring, songwriting, and the perils of Colorado.

Dr. Amanda Doran, DVM, from Coleraine, joined Heidi and Scott on the Friday Morning Show to share her breakfast of toasted sprouted grain bread with natural, creamy peanut butter, a banana, and green tea. It's spring fever time in the pet world, too, and the vets in your town are busy preparing for porcupine quills, testing, and bug preparation. Like everything, it all starts with a good breakfast.

Joel Rosen of Mahtowa invites Heidi and John up to the wood stove in the kitchen for breakfast in stages. Coffee and grapefruit followed by coffee and oatmeal 1 and coffee and oatmeal 2 and coffee and oatmeal 3. It gives a guy the energy required to handle one-on-one battle with John in game of Tiddlywinks.

John Longnecker of Pequot Lakes invites John and Sarah in for a great breakfast of an omlette with onion, celery, potato, green onion, ham, and seasoning salt. It's a good start to the day, but not quite as good as the first food John eats every single day, 365 days a year, an orange.

The Wells family welcomed Evelyn Cordts (Katie Carter's daughter) into the family home for a rare weeknight overnight complete with egg tortillas and salsa verde, vanilla-banana smoothies, tickle fights, bunnies and fun. They all joined Katie Carter and Heidi on The Friday Morning show to share their breakfast stories.