Sarah Bignall

Director of Operations

If you need to know the words to a particular song ask Sarah Bignall, the Director of Operations for Northern Community Radio.  She claims to know the words to all songs played on KAXE/KBXE.  Sarah is deeply involved with the day to day operation of the station assuring that things run efficiently and effectively.  She brings a particularly impressive expertise in marketing and graphic design to the job.  Sarah grew up in Grand Rapids and continues to live there with her husband and their two children…well…three if you include her favorite, the one with four legs.  Sarah is the go to person when you need a straight direct answer or opinion.  She continues to work to perfect  her “indoor voice”.

Ways to Connect

Oscilloscope Laboratories / Oscilloscope Laboratories

When you hear Christmas music does it fill you with happy thoughts?  A place surrounded by family sipping a beverage by the fireplace or does it remind you of the time Uncle Kenny had too much to drink- passed out on the couch and your cousin's wrestling caused the Christmas tree to fall over. 


Reif Center

The Theater Education program at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids was created to increase possibilities for youth and adults to get involved in theater.   Their production of A Suessified Christmas Carol takes the stage this weekend in Grand Rapids.  Performances will be tonight and tomorrow night, November 17 & 18 at 6:30pm and Sunday, November 19 at 2pm. 

Director Jim Cagle stopped by the KAXE studio to talk about the the Reif Center Theater Education program and the upcoming. 

The KAXE tower and transmitter are in need of replacing.  Maggie Montgomery and Kari Hedlund talked about the history of the existing tower, including when a gravel truck knocked down our first tower in 1984. 

Dan Houg, Station Engineer, spoke with Kari and Maggie about the scope of the tower and transmitter project and provides a 101 of HOW radio waves are transferred.

Maggie spoke with Loren Solberg to better explain the bonding process.

Maggie, Kari, John and Sarah talked about funding options and how listeners can help support us.

On the Border News Roundup, Marshall Helmberger, Editor of the Timberjay, shared a story about Lamppa Manufacturing of Tower, MN -  maker of an eco-friendly and efficient woodstove.  Marshall told us about his trip to view the total solar eclipse with family in Nebraska.

The Chisholm Downtown Revitalization Project (CDRP) was created as a grassroots effort to enhance the vitality of the heart of Chisholm.  Jessalyn Sabin is a member of the CDRP committee and shared what the committee has been up to like the establishment of a "pocket park" and a historic walking town.

More information can can be found on the CDRP facebook page.