The Ballad of Newton Badger - a community collaboration

Mar 20, 2017

Nathan Bergstedt is the playwright.  Sam Miltich composed the score.  The Ballad of Newton Badger came from a conversation after a production of Shakespeare in the Park a few years ago.  These two artists from Grand Rapids worked together and on their own to present a GR Players presentation of the original play. 

Based loosely off the character and work of Sir Isaac Newton,  The Ballad of Newton Badger is a modern day fairy tale that includes not only the badger but Mayor Buck, a group of squirrels, a skunk, a fox and musical birds (the jazz musicians led by Sam Miltich). 

This collaboration of artists Nathan and Sam reminds us to make connections with other people.  Inspire each other.  Or as Nathan said, "pull the rip cord on creativity". 

Performances are Friday March 24th - April 2nd at the Reif Center