A new Seed Library is coming to Pine River this spring

Feb 15, 2017

People in the Pine River MN area who need some garden seed will soon be able to find it at the public library! Barbara Kaufman visited with us on the Wednesday Morning Show. She  is one of the masterminds behind a new seed library in Pine River. She is also a board member for Pine River’s community garden.

She explained that a seed library is a place where people can go to "borrow" seeds, usually for free, that's run for the public benefit. If borrowers have a green enough thumb, they can return the seeds in the fall when it's harvest time--but in Pine River that's optional. The seed library welcomes anyone in the community.

The Pine River seed library is self-serve and available whenever the public library is open. It consists of a table near the entrance with a cabinet on it (filled with seed packets) and a letter tray for registration forms. Borrowers are welcome to take one packet of each variety. Donated seed should be able to be grown and then saved; this means no hybrids, no GMOs, and nothing treated with neonicotinoids.

The seed library opens on March 28th, with two orientations that day, at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. So far, the library is able to offer cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, peppers, lettuce, spinach, some root crops and flowers.

Barbara recommends the following websites for more information about seed libraries and seed saving: 

Seed Savers Exchange and the Community Seed Resource Program(CSRP) 
Seed Matters 
Seed Libraries
Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library

She says, “I found all of these to be helpful.  The CSRP, Seed Matters and Richmond Grows are particularly helpful in starting a library up and will save folks from ‘re-inventing the wheel.’”

The Pine River community garden is in its 8th year, and if residents are looking for a place to plant, there is space available. Plots are 15 x 15 and cost $15 for a season or 3 hours labor. The community garden is fenced against deer and includes water, hoses, tools, mulch, manure and other soil amendments. Gardeners supply seed, starts, and labor. They are welcome to bring additional organic soil amendments. Plots can be reserved online through Pine River-Backus Schools Community Education.