Phenology Report: February 21, 2017

Feb 21, 2017

This week in the Phenology Report,  resident phenologist  John Latimer takes listeners on a bit of an adventure.    In just a few minutes,   we hear him imitate the call of a saw-whet owl,   learn why it's troubling to see a bat at this time of year, listen to the cardinal's song,  find out about porcupines in trees and coyotes' howls, and discover the subtle clues eagles and ravens have for us in terms of our season change.   And that's just a sampling of this full report!  All kinds of activity out in nature these days! 

What have you noticed outside?  Send John an email or leave a voicemail at 218.999.9876 with any comments, questions or observations.    We'd love to include your thoughts in our weekly Phenology Show! You might also consider checking out our  Season Watch Facebook Page where people post images and videos of all kinds of natural wonders!