Phenology Talkbacks: April 3, 2018

Apr 3, 2018

Every Tuesday we hear from students and listeners as they send in weekly Phenology observations.  In this  Phenology Talkbacks segment, we hear student reports from Bemidji, Two Harbors and Northfield as well as comments from listeners Carol, Dave, Ed, Ian, and Dallas .  Hawks, trumpeter swans, coyotes, sandhill cranes, a robin and willow shrubs turning a promising shade of green are just a few of the highlights of todays talkbacks.  Also, we are trying to keep track of ice thickness on area lakes, send an email to John with the ice thickness at your lake!  Click on the links for this week's student and listener observations!

If you are a teacher wanting to get involved in our Phenology program, send John Latimer an email and he'll get you set in the right direction. We love hearing from students and knowing they are passionate about the natural world we live in. 

Are you someone who pays attention to the natural world around you? Send along your observations and questions about what you are noticing outside.  We'd love to hear from you. Email or give us a jingle and leave a message at 218.999.9876.   Join our KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Page on Facebook to connect with others in northern Minnesota! 

Phenology Talkbacks are made possible by the members of Northern Community Radio and a grant from the U of MN NE Regional Sustainable Development Partnership.