Phenology Talkbacks: February 21, 2017

Feb 21, 2017

Audio Pending...


John Latimer's Phenology Show  is one way Northern Community Radio connects listeners with the northwoods in which we live.  It's one way we connect listeners to each other, as well.  Every Tuesday we hear from classrooms and regular folks reporting the subtle changes they notice in nature.  

This week, we heard from kids at North Shore Community School and Roosevelt Elementary School.  From the Big Dipper in the clear night sky to snowshoe hare tracks in the snow and pink sunrises, these kids are keen observers of the natural world around them!  Know of a classroom that might like getting involved in phenology reporting?  John Latimer loves visiting classrooms and helping kids get going with their reporting.  Send him an email for more information.  

Folks like you sent in several individual phenology notes this week, too.   Cook,  MN Outing, MN and Cohasset, MN all represented.  We even got a report  from Hawaii!  pfft... pineapple tapping!  

What have you noticed outside?  Send an email or leave a voicemail at 218.999.96876 with sightings, comments or questions.  We'd love to hear from you!