Phenology Talkbacks: March 7, 2016

Mar 7, 2017

So many phenology indicators this week  that spring is getting closer and closer!  Starlings, drumming grouse, roosting partridges, otters, fishers, cardinals, and chickadees feeding right out of a child's hands! We heard from the kids at North Shore Community School, Roosevelt Elementary, Robert J. Elkington Middle School this week.  We also got a report from Mark from Effie as well as Jeff from Brainerd, Joel and Dallas.  Thanks to all of you for your great phenology reporting.  Lots of action in nature these days and we love to hear about it!  

What have you noticed outside?  Give us a call and leave a message on our talkback line 218.999.9876 or email the station or John Latimer directly.  We want to know what you are observing!  

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