Weekly Phenology

Mar 1, 2017

Audio Pending...

Each week, our resident phenologist John Latimer looks closely at what's happening in the natural world and gives listeners a full report on his observations of the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate.   This week's report includes a variety of bird songs, discussion about temperature changes and talk about the effect climate change has had on bird migration. For instance, we're seeing many birds in northern Minnesota such as the red bellied woodpecker that simply didn't come this far north until recently.  Also included in the report are a bat sighting, trumpeter swans on the river and much more.  Interesting stuff.  

What have you been noticing outside?  Send John an email with your comments, questions and observations! You can also keep up with what other people of seeing by joining our Season Watch Page on Facebook.  All kinds of great videos and images there!