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Karl Jacob is an actor, writer, director and film producer who grew up on the Iron Range. His most recent release, Cold November, opens tonight in both Hibbing and Grand Rapids.  Filmed in northern Minnesota, the film follows the life of 12 year old Florence and the influences of her matriarchal family as she experiences the right of passage of her first deer kill. 

Joel Rosen of Mahtowa invites Heidi and John up to the wood stove in the kitchen for breakfast in stages. Coffee and grapefruit followed by coffee and oatmeal 1 and coffee and oatmeal 2 and coffee and oatmeal 3. It gives a guy the energy required to handle one-on-one battle with John in game of Tiddlywinks.

Lake Winnibigoshish and zebra mussels were the main topics of a public meeting held by the Minnesota DNR in Grand Rapids this week. Lake Winnibigoshish large lake fisheries specialist Gerry Albert was there to lead the discussion with over 100 individuals in attendance. People wanted to know how zebra mussels got into Lake Winnie, what impact they have on the lake, and what the future impacts might be.

Farm Market Cafe

Barb Eller and Pat Root met at a local farmers' market. Barb had gotten Pat's name from a mutual friend and gave her a call to ask if she'd come to the market's organizing meeting. Pat never thought she'd really participate in a farmers' market, but came to the meeting anyway. She found herself raising her hand and saying "yes," she'd be at that first market. She ended up developing a successful bread business.

Ashley Brubaker via KAXE/KBXE Seasonwatch FB page

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