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Saturdays from 7-9pm

It's the best example of community you ever heard.   Here's how it works:  you call (218) 326-1234 (the number that practically dials itself) We ask the questions you provide the answers, and it all adds up to a fun party on a Saturday night. 
When you call in, there is a good chance that others are doing the same thing, so if you hear the phone ringing, just stay put.  Next thing you want to do is turn down your radio or step out of that room.  The feedback is pretty awful over the airwaves.  We have to be FCC compliant, so NO SWEARING.  Besides, we're a family show. 
We love listener questions, but we don't take them over the air.  Here's what you do to give us your questions (and don't forget the answers).  You e-mail them by clicking on the Green Cheese icon at   That's really all there is to about two hours of the most fun you've had since the last time you played Twister.  Oh yah, here's the time: every Saturday night from 7-9 p.m.
Frequent Hosts:
Julie Crabb, Linda Johnson, Brandon Chase
2012 King and Queen of Green Cheese
King and Queen DavisMEET THE NEW ROYALTY
Congratulations to Bill and Pat Davis of Sherry's Arm for being crowned the new King and Queen of Green Cheese at the 15th Annual Green Cheese Picnic August 25th. They were crowned by outgoing royalty Carolyn King and Willy Tollifson.
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