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Great Northern Radio Show - Fosston - December 14th, 2013

From the Fosston Library Arts Center in Fosston, Minnesota.


Great Northern Radio Show - Fosston

Crossroads: Every weekend this summer, vacationers from all over Minnesota and beyond its borders have packed up the family car and headed north to Highway 1. The highway cuts a jagged route across the top quarter of the state, from North Dakota in the west to the rocky shores of Superior in the east, through farmland, reservation, lake and lodge country.  Travelling the roads locals in Northern Minnesota use to capture stories, history, culture, land and people along the way. By producer Britt Aamodt.
7-28-13  SoundClipBritt Aamodt profiles artist Lea Friesen
Grand Rapids area artist and teacher Lea Friesen created a mural for the 9th annual KAXE Mississippi River Festival.  Independent producer Britt Aamodt gives us this profile. 
f 8-28-12    Effie North Star Stampede
Here we get to listen to what Britt found when she stopped in Effie.
9-23-12  SoundClipNorthome
Here we get to listen to what Britt found when she stopped in Northome.

Caption: Soudan Iron Formation - Banded Iron, Credit: Britt Aamodt 10-28-12 SoundClip Tower
Here we get to listen to what Britt found when she stopped in Tower.
Caption: Susan Shurke, Credit: Britt Aamodt 12-3-12 SoundClipEly
Here we get to listen to what Britt found when she stopped in Ely
12-12-12 Red Lake
In this episode Britt is on one of the most unique Indian reservations in the United States, Red Lake. Aamodt talks to two Gary Fuller and Bob Treuer about their lives.
The History of Finns: The first Finnish immigrants to arrive in Minnesota settled here sometime around the middle of the 19th century and the close of the Civil War. Minnesota quickly became one of the cultural homelands of immigrant Finns in America, and their legacy lives on today in last names--Niemi [NEE-me], Lahti [LAH-tee], Saari [SAR-ee]--town names (Esko, Heinola [HEY-no-la] and Finland, come to mind) and even a made-up saint, St. Urho, who, by the way, boasts his own celebration every March 16.  A five-part series exploring the history of Finnish immigrants in Northern Minnesota. By producer Britt Aamodt.
f 10-10-12 SoundClip Finns and Saunas
The Finnish tradition we Minnesotans have the most to be grateful for takes place in a small room with a bucket of water and a firebox for heating the rocks.
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