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KAXE Programs - The Beat

Where poets read their own work every weekday. It includes both established poets and students as writers and readers. The Beat Cafe is an associated live and broadcast performance.

The Beat Cafe 2015: Hour One
The Beat Cafe 2015: Hour Two

Check out the Bemidji Pioneer's video of our event! 
This program is supported in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.
2015-07-31 Carol Ann Russell - Feast
2015-07-30 Kevin Zepper - Golden Poem
2015-07-29 Jeanne Lutz - Man Pen Nina's Cafe
2015-07-28 Ben Westlie - Lake Bemidji
2015-07-27 Kathryn Kysar - Dream Poem
2015-07-24 Jill Dermody - On His Feet
2015-07-23 Anthony Swann - Doin' The New Lowdown
2015-07-22 Aaron Wenger - Running Scared
2015-07-21 Jennifer Sporcich - Lookout
2015-07-20 Todd Boss- Let Me Taste The Kitchen In Your Skin
2015-07-17 Danny Klecko - Fantasy Haunts Me
2015-07-16 Danny Klecko - Goodnight Sasha
2015-07-15 Danny Klecko - Guy Rule-167
2015-07-14 Danny Klecko - South Dakota Ranch
2015-07-13 Danny Klecko - What You Learn Working At A Trade Show
2015-07-10 Damar Flowers - Haiku
2015-07-09 Liam Wake - Haiku
2015-07-08 Zaleyan Parise - Haiku
2015-07-07 Miranda Johnson - Haiku
2015-07-06 Amber Poole - Haiku
2015-07-03 Carmen Robinson - Haiku
2015-07-02 Makayla Allen - Haiku
2015-07-01 Jason Tschida - Haiku
2015-06-30 Tyra Eckleman - Haiku
2015-06-29 Nolan Carlson - Haiku
2015-06-26 Dalton Atwater - Haiku
2015-06-25 Ronald Day - Haiku
2015-06-24 Aiden Carlson - Haiku
2015-06-23 Ethan Kitchenhoff - Haiku
2015-06-22 Joyce Sutphen: Your Call is Important to Us
2015-06-19 Athena Kildegaard - How We Can Survive To Winter
2015-06-18 Kevin Zepper - Sirenx Song
2015-06-17 Sonja Kosler - Honky Tonk
2015-06-16 Robert Jevne - Half Baked
2015-06-15 Erin Lynn Marsh - The First Thing To Know About Strawberries
2015-06-12 Anthony Swann - These
2015-06-11 Carol Ann Russell - Dream Pony
2015-06-10 Brian Beatty - Pigeons
2015-06-09 Sharon Chmielarz - Ascent
2015-06-08 Donald Dass - Drinking Milk
2015-06-05 Farhia Omar - By A Prayer
2015-06-04 John Pula - Katzenjammer
2015-06-03 Julie Gard - Bisque Porcelain Lion
2015-06-02 Larry Gavin - Northern Pike
2015-06-01 Lorie Yourd - Guest
2015-05-29 Jim Johnson - Driving Gravel Roads
2015-05-28 Francis Larson - Deserted
2015-05-27 Margaret Hasse - How Does The Dog Spend Her Day
2015-05-26 Dani Pieratos - Untitled
2015-05-25 Susan Hauser - I Have Not Been
2015-05-22 Julie Hathaway - Office
2015-05-21 James Henderson - If You Should Die Of A Drug Overdose
2015-05-20 Gwen Nell Westerman - Root Words
2015-05-19 Alex Stolis - Living In The Age Of Love
2015-05-18 Gary Lee Joyner - A Song Of Infatuation
2015-05-15 Mark Christensen - Busted
2015-05-14 Honor LaCroix - Untitled
2015-05-13 Seth Bjornrud - Til The Morn
2015-05-12 Louis Saxton - Snow
2015-05-11 Josie Aguilara - Shades of Apple Red Leaves
2015-05-08 Seth Bjornrud - My Romance With The Night
2015-05-07 Mi'Lara McKenzie - Haiku
2015-05-06 Louis Saxton - Misunderstood
2015-05-05 Josie Aguilara - Haiku
2015-05-04 Larry Gavin: Digging Post Holes
2015-05-01 Elias Treur & Kain Wilson - Untitled
2015-04-30 Clara Anderson-Cameron - Winters Colors
2015-04-29 Addie Dauner - French & English Poem
2015-04-28 Louise Fouquerel-Skoe- We Are The Children Of Auschwitz
2015-04-27 Clara Anderson-Cameron - My Soul Will Fly Away
2015-04-24 Addie Dauner - Colors Flash Before Me
2015-04-23 Louise Fouquerel-Skoe - Untitled
2015-04-22 Louis Saxton - Untitled
2015-04-21 Kai'Leia McKenzie - Untitled
2015-04-20 Josie Aguilara - Untitled
2015-04-17 Ellie Ingalls - Untitled [Holocaust]
2015-04-16 Clara Anderson-Cameron - Devil Trains
2015-04-15 Alleyah Goodman - Untitled [Holocaust]
2015-04-14 Addie Dauner - Untitled [Holocaust]
2015-04-13 Doris Stengel - Take Me Out To The Crowd
2015-04-10 Doris Stengel - Pickets Charge
2015-04-09 Erin Lynn Marsh - I Don't Know If You'll Ever Fall In Love
2015-04-08 Ryan Kutter - Chicken Scratch
2015-04-07 Tina Dybvik - Lengby
2015-04-06 Mike Finley - Gust
2015-04-03 Teresa Evangeline - My Father's Thermos
2015-04-02 Brian Laidlaw - Landlocked Leave
2015-04-01 Gina Marie Bernard - Lake Superior Aches
2015-03-31 Robert Jevne - It Is What It Is
2015-03-30 Cate Belleveau - From The Window
2015-03-27 Marsh Muirhead - Haiku-3
2015-03-26 Marsh Muirhead - Haiku-2
2015-03-25 Marsh Muirhead - Haiku-1
2015-03-24 Marsh Muirhead - Haibun-2
2015-03-23 Marsh Muirhead - Haibun-1
2015-03-20 Doris Stengel - Roger The Noun
2015-03-19 Doris Stengel - Jars Of Coins
2015-03-18 Doris Stengel - Wake For A Piano
2015-03-17 Doris Stengel - Fields Of Childhood
2015-03-16 Doris Stengel - Almost Spring
2015-03-13 Sara Breeze - I Like To Swim Naked In My Lake
2015-03-12 Kevin Zepper - Cup Of Twilight
2015-03-11 Erin Lynn Marsh - Mathematics For Mother
2015-03-10 Danny Klecko - 13 Years Old
2015-03-09 Sean Hill - Postcard To My Third Crush Today
2015-03-06 Linda Back McKay - If You Can't Hit The High Notes, You're Not The Only One
2015-03-05 Ryan Vine - Rule 5
2015-03-04 Katie Hae Leo - How To Leave Iowa
2015-03-03 Sean Hill - Postcard To Wrong Address
2015-03-02 Erin Lynn Marsh - Writing At Night
2015-02-27 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Gabby Archambault - Untitled Haiku
2015-02-26 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: Whiteout
2015-02-25 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Clara Anderson-Cameron - Untitled Haiku
2015-02-24 Schoolcraft Learning Community Teacher:
           Sara Breeze-
Can You Guess the Metaphor?
2015-02-23 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: James Siems - Untitled (For Dan Siems)
2015-02-20 Susan Hensel - Superman at 94
2015-02-19 Brian Beatty - Surviving the 1970's
2015-02-18 Mike Finley - Let's Get Lost In the Forest
2015-02-17 Charlie Pulkrabek - Greta
2015-02-16 Dean Brooks - Recidivism
2015-02-13 Jill Dermody - Mystic
2015-02-12 Danielle Cheri - Changes
2015-02-11 Gary Lee Joyner - Snow Never Stops Falling
2015-02-10 Sharon Chmielarz - The Pillow Cleaners Come To Town
2015-02-09 Teresa Evangeline - Winter Dream #8
2015-02-06 Linda Back-McKay - Saying Goodbye To Lacey Cups
2015-02-05 Jon Dallas - Emptying the Scrip
2015-02-04 Mary McGregor - Deathly Journey
2015-02-03 Alex Stolis - Garbo Talks: Is There Anything Better?
2015-02-02 Teresa Evangeline - Winter Dream #7
2015-01-30 Danny Klecko - Hitmen In the Kitchen
2015-01-29 Tim Brennan - Waiting for Lauren Bacall
2015-01-28 Sharon Harris - A Life Erased
2015-01-27 Jeanne Lutz - Letter To Japan
2015-01-26 Teresa Evangeline - Winter Dream #6
2015-01-23 Teresa Evangeline - Ponderosa Pines
2015-01-22 Carol Ann Russell - I Follow His Gaze
2015-01-21 Sean McCarthy - Doctors and Patients
2015-01-20 Kevin Zepper - Badger Poetics
2015-01-19 Jesse Dermody - The Statuette (In the Alcove)
2015-01-16 Sheila Packa - Unknown Woman Miner
2015-01-15 Julie Hathaway - Age 14
2015-01-14 Marjorie Buettner - Abandoned Houses
2015-01-13 John Pula - With or Without the "E"
2015-01-12 Ryan Kutter - Anesthesia
2015-01-09 Gwen Nell Westerman - Journey
2015-01-08 Cate Belleveau - Intermission
2015-01-07 Julia Klatt-Singer - Baking Bread
2015-01-06 Mark Christensen - Survivor
2015-01-05 Larry Gavin - Chinese Poets
2015-01-02 Susan Hensel - The Red Twill Tie
2015-01-01 Ryan Vine - Rule 26
2014-12-31 Athena Kildegaard - Untitled (Love Poem)
2014-12-30 Ben Westlie- The Run
2014-12-29 Carol Ann Russell - Mexican Bus Ride
2014-12-26 Mike Finley - Out of a Trillion Stars
2014-12-25 Jesse Dermody - The Fire On the Radio
2014-12-24 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: - Miguel and Dan in Mexico
2014-12-23 Sofie Osterlund - Wind
2014-12-22 Kevin Zepper - Solo Cello
2014-12-19 Mike Finley - Coin Flip
2014-12-18 Jeanne Lutz - Popeye Poem
2014-12-17 Robert Dougherty - Grandson
2014-12-16 Linda Back-McKay - River Prayer
2014-12-15 Sean McCarthy - Peace
2014-12-12 Susan Carol Hauser - Blush
2014-12-11 Sheila Packa - Old Music
2014-12-10 Kathryn Kysar - Things I Learned From My Grandmother
2014-12-09 Julia Klatt-Singer - For My Father On His Birthday
2014-12-08 Donald Dass - Sundogs
2014-12-05 Julie Gard - Tiny Plastic Mouse
2014-12-04 Dallas Crow - The Holy Order of Fish Handlers
2014-12-03 Athena Kildegaard - Untitled Love Poem
2014-12-02 Yahya Fredrickson - Spawn
2014-12-01 Michelle Mathees - Pink Horizon in Siberia
2014-11-28 Jon Dallas - Gray-Purple of Birch in Spring or Fall
2014-11-27 Aaron Wenger - Bear Poem
2014-11-26 Gwen Nell Westerman - Red Earth Gathering
2014-11-25 Larry Gavin - Stone and Sky
2014-11-24 Shanthi Siva - Uprooted
2014-11-21 Alyssa Joy - He Said
2014-11-20 Jill Dermody - Bohemia Bound
2014-11-19 Marjorie Buettner - Three Haiku: Deeper By Degrees /
Snow Walking / Looking For Your Grave
2014-11-18 LouAnn Shepard Muhm - Waitress
2014-11-17 Teresa Evangeline - Headed West
2014-11-14 Danny Klecko - The Witch of Hastings
2014-11-13 Marlys Guimaraes - In Vogue
2014-11-12 Jesse Dermody - Collecting Firewood
2014-11-11 Doris Stengel - How the War Burst My Bubble
2014-11-10 Anthony Swann - Trickles of Faith
2014-11-07 Julie Hathaway - Late Autumn
2014-11-06 Mark Christensen - Cartwheels
2014-11-05 Susan Carol Hauser - Report
2014-11-04 Sharon Chmielarz - Fixing Potato Salad While the Past Comes and Goes
2014-11-03 Todd Boss - Dream In Brilliant Color Though I Might
2014-10-31 Rich Broderick: Recitation by Mike Finley - Grendel In the City
2014-10-30 Dallas Crow - The Haunting
2014-10-29 Ben Westlie - Chaotic River
2014-10-28 Joyce Sutphen - Possibilities
2014-10-27 Louis Jenkins - The Language of Crows
2014-10-24 Gwen Nell Westerman - We Come From the Stars
2014-10-23 Nikki Anderson-Weir and Teresa Anderson - Angry Birds
2014-10-22 Aaron Wenger - Raven Dreams
2014-10-21 Teresa Evangeline - The Silent Barn
2014-10-20 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: - In Autumn
2014-10-17 Marsh Muirhead - NASCAR
2014-10-16 Ryan Vine - Rule 19
2014-10-15 Connie Hickok - The Loving Arms
2014-10-14 Marlys Guimaraes- Rumination On the Dead
2014-10-13 Doris Stengel - Looking Back On Norway
2014-10-10 Danny Klecko - Here Comes the Moon
2014-10-09 Dennis Herschbach - Old Dog
2014-10-08 Kathryn Kysar - German
2014-10-07 Julie Hathaway - Flyway
2014-10-06 Marsh Muirhead - Obituary
2014-10-03 Susan Carol Hauser - Geese at Midnight
2014-10-02 Sonja Kosler - Uncle Frank
2014-10-01 Mark Conway - In the Barely Unbearable
2014-09-30 Donald Dass - Leaves
2014-09-29 Anna Ingalls - Untitled (Harbor)
2014-09-26 Mike Finley - Shame
2014-09-25 Erin Lynn Marsh - How Not To Fall In Love
2014-09-24 Carol Ann Russell - Silver Dollar
2014-09-23 Cate Belleveau - How To Win A Poetry Slam...Or Not
2014-09-22 Charlie Pulkrabek - Historical Trauma: Images. Reflections.
2014-09-19 Marsh Muirhead - Six Haiku: Winter Evening / A "Dear John" Letter / I Can't See You Now / Autumn Equinox / The Trees Bare Again / Skinny Dipping In the Hot Tub
2014-09-18 Sara Breeze - I Like To Swim Naked In My Lake
2014-09-17 LouAnn Shepard Muhm - Residual
2014-09-16 Mark Christensen - Perfect Lunches In the Commons
2014-09-15 Dean Brooks - Where Are You In Your Garden of Words
2014-09-12 Susan Carol Hauser - Pelican
2014-09-11 Sharon Chmielarz - West River Wedding
2014-09-09 Jesse Dermody - The Song of the Bluejay
2014-09-08 Teresa Evangeline - At Midnight
2014-09-05 Robert Jevne - Trust Me
2014-09-04 Laura Hansen - Spitting On Stones
2014-09-03 Cate Belleveau - From the Window
2014-09-02 Ryan Vine - Mattress Salesman Ward
2014-08-29 Marsh Muirhead - Flight Delay
2014-08-28 Nikki Anderson-Weir - Untitled (Lightning)
2014-08-27 Julia Oxenreider - Capitol Pains
2014-08-26 Julie Hathaway - Driving with Dad, Part One
2014-08-25 Marlys Guimaraes - Separation
2014-08-22 Tim Brennan - Vanitas
2014-08-21 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: - The Red Kayak
2014-08-20 Ryan Vine - Rule 01
2014-08-19 Mark Christensen - There's a Lot of Living In a Tree
2014-08-18 Doris Stengel - Lost Birthright
2014-08-15 Anthony Swann - Effie, MN is the Center of the Universe -
Presented in celebration of Marshall Oelmann
2014-08-14 Kevin Zepper - Outside the Sunflower Market in Boulder, Colorado - July
2014-08-13 Susan Hensel - The Widow's Bedtime
2014-08-12 Sonja Kosler - Sojourner's Place
2014-08-11 James Henderson - A Dog's Life
2014-08-08 Mark Christensen - How To Write A Poem, With Apologies To William Carlos Williams
2014-08-07 Erin Lynn Marsh - Love Comes On Thick
2014-08-06 Carol Ann Russell - Gravity at Tivoli
2014-08-05 Donald Dass - Children of the Sun and Moon
2014-08-04 Dean Brooks - Passing
2014-08-01 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: - Danger Days
2014-07-31 Mark Conway - In His Electric Chair
2014-07-30 Aaron Wenger - Bare Bones
2014-07-29 Susan Carol Hauser - In the Forest
2014-07-28 Anna Ingalls - Untitled (Raindrops Are)
2014-07-25 Danny Klecko - If We Were In A Norman Rockwell Painting
2014-07-24 Larry Gavin - Sweat Lodge - Morton, Minnesota
2014-07-23 Gina Marie Bernard - A Slant of Certain Light
2014-07-22 Julie Hathaway - Kitchen Counter
2014-07-21 Mark Christensen - Sheets
2014-07-18 Mike Finley - The Mountaintop
2014-07-17 Cate Belleveau - Mt. Everest and Me
2014-07-16 Ben Westlie - Finding Our Flag
2014-07-15 Jesse Dermody - First Flight of the Baby Robin
2014-07-14 Teresa Evangeline - Yellow Pears
2014-07-11 Mary McGregor - Hanged Man Neptune
2014-07-10 Robert Dougherty - Colleen
2014-07-09 Susan Hensel - Beach Walk
2014-07-08 Brian Beatty - The Difference Between the Unknown and the Familiar
2014-07-07 Marsh Muirhead - Public Radio
2014-07-04 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: - Things I Know
2014-07-03 Larry Schug - Tango Luna
2014-07-02 Ann Neidringhaus - We Could Be
2014-07-01 Sharon Harris - Childless
2014-06-30 Julia Klatt-Singer - The Collector
2014-06-27 Robert Jevne - It Is What It Is
2014-06-26 Mark Christensen - Broken Welds
2014-06-25 Anthony Swann - Effie, Minnesota is the Center of the Universe
2014-06-24 Doris Stengel - Pulling Life Together
2014-06-23 Mark Christensen - Dorm Rooms
2014-06-20 Danny Klecko - What Chef Joan Ida Told Me
2014-06-19 Julia Oxenreider - Sara
2014-06-18 Anna Ingalls - Untitled (Ancient Whispers)
2014-06-17 Carol Ann Russell - Things We Talk About At Home
2014-06-13 Nikki Anderson-Weir and Teresa Anderson - Parallel Lives, A Mother-Daughter Poem
2014-06-12 Alyssa Joy - Beautiful Death
2014-06-11 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Louis Saxton - The Lonely Lake
2014-06-10 Aaron Wenger - The Barn
2014-06-09 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Morgan Douglas - Flower
2014-06-06 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Isabel Bakke - The Golden Flower
2014-06-05 Donald Dass - The Offered Cigarette
2014-06-04 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Soren Dybing - Haiku (Untitled)
2014-06-03 Ellie Schoenfeld - Sinus Infection
2014-06-02 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Josiah Bakke - Free Verse (Untitled)
2014-05-30 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Shelby Ewert - Let Me Fly
2014-05-29 Connie Wanek - Daisies
2014-05-28 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Katya Kivi - Haiku (Untitled)
2014-05-27 Dean Brooks - Everyday
2014-05-26 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Dylan Rundell - Haiku (Untitled)
2014-05-23 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Louis Saxton - Snow
2014-05-22 Robert Jevne- Holdover
2014-05-21 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Louise Fouquerel-Skoe - Snow
2014-05-20 Farhia Omar - Lone
2014-05-19 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Morgan Douglas - Flower
2014-05-16 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Isaac Treuer - Untitled Haiku
2014-05-15 Ryan Vine - Rule 04
2014-05-14 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Kendru Martin - Cake
2014-05-13 Erin Lynn Marsh - Allergies Prevail
2014-05-12 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Xavier Shipley - Raspberries
2014-05-09 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Matthew Bakke - Raspberries
2014-05-08 Ben Westlie - The Driving Lessons
2014-05-07 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Danica Mindt - Cupcakes
2014-05-06 Sonja Kosler - Broken
2014-05-05 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Brynn Meyer - Blueberries
2014-05-02 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Trenton Fredrikson - Pizza
2014-05-01 Teresa Evangeline - The World Is Yours
2014-04-30 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Haven Hanson - Blueberry
2014-04-29 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: - The Scythe
2014-04-28 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Weston Young - Cake
2014-04-25 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Caleb Archembault - Apples
2014-04-24 Mallory Pierce - My Last Moments
2014-04-23 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Avi Wiltermuth - Pizza
2014-04-22 Larry Gavin - Smelt Run
2014-04-21 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student: Sadie Sperle - Watermelon
2014-04-18 Kevin Zepper: Houdini's Pizza
2014-04-17 Eric Pollard, AKA Actual Wolf: Untitled Comma Too Many
2014-04-16 Marlys Guimaraes: Placing Another Stone
2014-04-15 Jill Lynne Ness: HerStory In Haiku
2014-04-14 Susan Carol Hauser: April
2014-04-11 Will Weaver: Minnesota Grooming
2014-04-10 Doris Stengel: Grandma Walked Wide
2014-04-09 Alyssa Joy: The Trees Sing
2014-04-08 Jesse Dermody: Poem Leaves
2014-04-07 Mike Finley: Springtime
2014-04-04 Julia Oxenreider: Dear Liberty Library
2014-04-03 Mike Finley: Beating Heart On Sidewalk
2014-04-02 Mike Forbes: February
2014-04-01 John Berryman: The High Ones Die
2014-03-31 Sharon Harris: Stop the Clock
2014-03-28 Mike Finley: A Man With A Hole
2014-03-27 John Bauer: It's Been A Year
2014-03-26 Teresa Evangeline: A New Frontier
2014-03-25 Dennis Herschbach: Hand Dug Rut
2014-03-24 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: Riding the Highway With Emily
2014-03-21 Marsh Muirhead: Haiku: Wild Iris / Produce Isle / October Moon / Christmas Tree
2014-03-20 Marsh Muirhead: Haiku: Her Cold Martini / New Girl / Agreeing
2014-03-19 Charmaine Donovan: Nature's Goodness
2014-03-18 Doris Stengel: I Found My Thrill On Blueberry Hill
2014-03-17 Susan Hensel: Silkworker's Story
2014-03-14 Mark Conway: In the Blizzard
2014-03-13 Ryan Vine: Rule 2
2014-03-12 Sharon Chmielarz: Bed
2014-03-11 Gina Marie Bernard: Lake Superior Aches
2014-03-10 Julie Hathaway: Winter
2014-03-07 Charlie Pulkrabek: Wisdom Overheard at the VFW, Grand Rapids - Number One
2014-03-06 Julia Klatt-Singer: There Are No Differences
2014-03-05 Mark Christensen: The Final Breath of a Pope
2014-03-04 Mike Finley: Little Plane with Loads of Spunk
2014-03-03 Rebecca Dosch Brown: A Child Treads Water
2014-02-28 Jesse Dermody: In the Wind and the Snow
2014-02-27 Brian Laidlaw: Cherry Bomb
2014-02-26 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Sea Anemone'
2014-02-25 Teresa Evangeline: On the Banks of the Knife River
2014-02-24 Vivian Charlesworth: Hiawatha To River Road
2014-02-21 Gary Lee Joyner: Hide Your Animal
2014-02-20 Todd Boss: Instrument
2014-02-19 Erin Lynn Marsh: What They Know
2014-02-18 Ben Westlie: Extraordinary Construction
2014-02-17 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: The Silence Says
2014-02-14 Ryan Vine: Rule 28
2014-02-13 Emily Brisse: I Knew
2014-02-12 Dean Brooks: Negative Unconsciousness
2014-02-11 Anthony Swann: Ruminations Upon A Dead Shrew
2014-02-10 Anne Woster: Echoes
2014-02-07 Tim Brennan: 1951
2014-02-06 Brian Laidlaw: Landlocked Leave
2014-02-05 Sharon Harris: The Same Stars
2014-02-04 Larry Gavin: In Praise of Black Crappies
2014-02-03 Teresa Evangeline: My Father's Thermos
2014-01-31 Mike Finley: Compassion For the Tall
2014-01-30 Marsh Muirhead: Seduction (Key West)
2014-01-29 Susan Carol Hauser: Night So Clear
2014-01-28 Gail Rixen: Shell River
2014-01-27 Bemidji High School Student - Nikki Anderson-Weir: Storm
2014-01-24 Bemidji High School Student - Anna Ingalls: Untitled
2014-01-23 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student - Daicy Mindt: I Am Me Myself and I
2014-01-22 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student - Louis Saxton:
Untitled (A Poem About Climate Change and Polar Bears)
2014-01-21 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student - Louise Fouquerel-Skoe:
The Vortex of Pain
2014-01-20 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student - Summer Crow:
The Lyrics of a Thousand Songs
2014-01-17 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student -
Matrix Thompson, AKA "Artificial Chaos":
I Am A Blank Page
2014-01-16 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student - Elliot Anderson-Cameron, AKA "Lotus": Walking Through the Woods On Terry's Farm In Becida, Minnesota
2014-01-15 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student -
Ben Bush:
In the Cold Forest of Schoolcraft
2014-01-14 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student -
Myca Yaklich, AKA "Yak":
Liquid Life
2014-01-13 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student -
Isabel Bakke, AKA "Orange":
Swinging In My Backyard In Bemidji, Minnesota
2014-01-10 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student - Tommy Saxton, AKA "Devione Showerhandle": Standing On the Beach At Our Cabin Looking Out At Our Lake
2014-01-09 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student -
Renae Current, AKA "The Lonely Island":
Stepping Onto the Bed of Grass
2014-01-08 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student -
Kyle Underwood, AKA "Speedy Gonzolez":
The Old Massey Ferguson 165
2014-01-07 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student -
Katya Kivi, AKA "Sunshine":
I Am Me
2014-01-06 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student - Drew Kluthe, AKA "Tusu":
Atop A Mountaintop In the Alaskan Wilderness
2014-01-03 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student - Soren Dybing, AKA "D'pez Poopsie": Thoughts From the Hot Tub On An Early Sunday Morning In Late October
2014-01-02 Schoolcraft Learning Community Student -
Shelby Ewert, AKA "Squishyhearts":
I Am
2013-12-31 Alyssa Joy: And Tell Me There's No Heart To This Melody
2013-12-30 Alex Stolis: The Man On the Radio Says It Is A Beautiful Night Out There
2013-12-27 Todd Boss: This Morning In A Morning Voice
2013-12-26 Jim Gallagher: Herring Season
2013-12-25 Sharon Harris: Looking For A Christmas Tree With Dad
2013-12-24 Emily Brisse: Six and Winging
2013-12-23 Laura Hansen: Tenderness of the Piccolo
2013-12-20 Louis Jenkins: Frost Flowers
2013-12-19 Carolyn Williams-Noren: Sin
2013-12-18 Ben Westlie: At the Bottom (Of Your Glass)
2013-12-17 Susan Carol Hauser: Chickadee Cathedral
2013-12-16 Charmaine Donovan: Porthole To the Future
2013-12-13 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: The Assumption
2013-12-12 Julia Klatt-Singer: It's Easy To Lose Heart
2013-12-11 Farhia Omar: Freeze
2013-12-10 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Invisible Ink
2013-12-09 Dennis Herschbach: Miner's Widow
2013-12-06 Julia Oxenreider: Dear Liberty Library
2013-12-05 Brian Laidlaw: Blood Orange
2013-12-04 Sharon Chmielarz: Dance Site On Standing Rock Reservation
2013-12-03 Jesse Dermody: And If You're Alone
2013-12-02 Dorothy Stengel: The Necessary Dog
2013-11-29 Anthony Swann: Amy's Vinyl Trove
2013-11-28 Carol Ann Russell: Her Story
2013-11-27 Dean Brooks: Stagnating
2013-11-26 Teresa Evangeline: Goat Man
2013-11-25 Kevin Zepper: Cup of Twilight
2013-11-22 Mike Finley: The Effects of Splenda On Puerto Rican Ants
2013-11-21 Linda Back-McKay: On the Meaning Of
2013-11-20 Julie Hathaway: I Leave My Purse
2013-11-19 Mike Rollin: Winter
2013-11-18 Carolyn Williams-Noren: Love Song For the Office After Eight Years
2013-11-15 Steve Downing: On the Second Rule of One Percent
2013-11-14 James Henderson: The Cabin At Lost Lake
2013-11-13 Renee Loehr: Transition
2013-11-12 Mark Christensen: Late Autumn Drive
2013-11-11 Todd Boss: It Isn't All Fiddles
2013-11-08 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: Death Incorporated
2013-11-07 Gary Lee Joyner: The Game
2013-11-06 Erin Lynn Marsh: Variation On O'Keefe's Pelvis
2013-11-05 Ben Westlie: Sometimes When I'm Alone
2013-11-04 Larry Gavin: November
2013-11-01 Marsh Muirhead: Haiku: Her Cold Martini / New Girl / Agreeing
2013-10-31 Marsh Muirhead: Haiku: School Bus / Wearing His Life Jacket / Between Fence Rails
2013-10-30 Marsh Muirhead: Haiku: 3 a.m. / Longest Night of the Year /
All Night Drive / I Can't See You Now
2013-10-29 Marsh Muirhead: Haiku: Last Night of the Carnival - Three Poems
2013-10-28 Marsh Muirhead: Haiku: Wild Iris / Produce Isle / October Moon / Christmas Tree
2013-10-25 Dallas Crow: On Pumpkins
2013-10-24 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Copper
2013-10-23 Rebecca Dosch Brown: Dead End Street
2013-10-22 Anthony Swann: The Blessing
2013-10-21 Sharon Harris: Other Times
2013-10-18 Kevin Zepper: Ghostwriting
2013-10-17 Susan Carol Hauser: Elegy For Bill Borden
2013-10-16 Doris Stengel: Tying Quilts
2013-10-15 Julie Hart: Memento Mori
2013-10-14 Carol Ann Russell: The Red Envelope
2013-10-11 Mark Christensen: Sunrise
2013-10-10 Ann Niedringhaus: Teenage Girl
2013-10-09 Erin Lynn Marsh: How Not To Keep A Woman Happy
2013-10-08 Charmaine Donovan: Snapshot of An October Afternoon
2013-10-07 Charlie Pulkrabek: In Bloom
2013-10-04 Tina Dybvik: Thursday
2013-10-03 Dennis Herschbach: Cycles
2013-10-02 Bryan Daly: Falling Into Fire
2013-10-01 Iman Mefleh: Calling
2013-09-30 Laura Hansen: Matches
2013-09-27 Brian Laidlaw: The Dive At the End of the World
2013-09-26 Ute Buehler: Love
2013-09-25 Aaron Wenger: First Frost
2013-09-24 Jennifer Sporcich: Mover
2013-09-23 Eric Chandler: I Can Already Hear It
2013-09-20 Marsh Muirhead: Roadside Sweet Corn
2013-09-19 Susan Hensel: As An Old Woman Walks
2013-09-18 Ben Westlie: The Only Lake
2013-09-17 Emily Brisse: Playground
2013-09-16 Dallas Crow: Humid
2013-09-13 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: Everyday Disasters
2013-09-12 Julie Hathaway: Bacon
2013-09-11 Robert Jevne: Disappearing
2013-09-10 Deb Muotka: Fragile
2013-09-09 Jesse Dermody: Not Like the Other Monkeys
2013-09-06 Aaron Wenger: Shared Breath
2013-09-05 Julia Oxenreider: False Hope
2013-09-04 James Henderson: Renewal
2013-09-03 Connie Wanek: The Death of the Battery
2013-09-02 Larry Gavin: Digging Post Holes
2013-08-30 Carol Ann Russell: Gypsi Taxi
2013-08-29 Dean Brooks: Homeless Ghosts
2013-08-28 Cally Proctor: Ode To An Eyelash Curler
2013-08-27 Will Weaver: One Chickadee
2013-08-26 Charmaine Donovan: Dancer's Eyes
2013-08-23 Amy Clark: Inheritance
2013-08-22 Todd Boss: Broke
2013-08-21 Robert Dougherty: My Son
2013-08-20 Mark Christensen: Clean Wind
2013-08-19 Doris Stengel: Arrival and Departure
2013-08-16 Marsh Muirhead: Atlanta Flight Delay
2013-08-15 MaryAnn Wilimek: Stealing Prayers
2013-08-14 Katelyn Farstad: Trying To Force It
2013-08-13 Alex Stolis: The Radio Man Says This Next Song Is For You
2013-08-12 Carolyn Williams-Noren: Gifts
2013-08-09 Kevin Zepper: Used Poetry
2013-08-08 Brenda Hellen: For My Son
2013-08-07 Sharon Chmielarz: In Each Other's Hair
2013-08-06 Dennis Herschbach: The Wonder of It
2013-08-05 Marsh Muirhead: Interstate Rest Stop
2013-08-02 Julia Klatt-Singer: When I Ask
2013-08-01 Mark Maire: Distance
2013-07-31 Joyce Sutphen: Berryman's Hands
2013-07-30 Renee Loehr: Bittersweet
2013-07-29 Ben Westlie: The Road
2013-07-26 Jesse Dermody: Father
2013-07-25 Connie Wanek: Green Tent
2013-07-24 Sharon Harris: Yearning
2013-07-23 Will Weaver: My Summer Calendar
2013-07-22 Louis Jenkins: The Telephone
2013-07-19 Erin Fisher: Dear Old Lake Superior
2013-07-18 Erin Lynn Marsh: I Long To Baptize My Hips In the River
2013-07-17 Mark Christensen: After Heavy Sailing
2013-07-16 Shanthi Siva: Avatars of Water
2013-07-15 Doris Stengel: My Two River Life
2013-07-12 Julie Hart: Physics For Poets
2013-07-11 Dean Brooks: Murderer
2013-07-10 Lorie Yourd: Aggies
2013-07-09 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Manifest
2013-07-08 Todd Boss: Leukenbach
2013-07-05 James Henderson: Entropy
2013-07-04 Muriel Keaveny: Stones
2013-07-03 Charmaine Donovan: The Big Six-O
2013-07-02 Mike Forbes: Orion's Dawn
2013-07-01 Melissa Fletcher: Waiting Room
2013-06-28 Erin Lynn Marsh: Tales of An Earwig
2013-06-27 Mark Christensen: Courthouse, 3rd Floor
2013-06-26 Julia Oxenreider: Temporary Tomorrows
2013-06-25 Mark Maire: Outskirts
2013-06-24 Teri Blair: Park Funeral Home, Mom and Me
2013-06-21 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: The First Child
2013-06-20 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: Two Reasons To Keep This Poem
2013-06-19 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: Just For the Record
2013-06-18 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: The Book of Hours
2013-06-17 Minnesota Poet Laureate - Joyce Sutphen: Rodin On Film
2013-06-14 Ron Frannea: Father's Day
2013-06-13 Angela Foster: Dirt
2013-06-12 Candace Simar: The Greatest Generation
2013-06-11 Renee Loehr: Unrecognizable
2013-06-10 Dean Brooks: The Urn
2013-06-07 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Sitting Outside To Write Poems On the Day the Cottonwoods Let Go, Grand Marais, Minnesota
2013-06-06 Mike Rollin: Today In the Rain
2013-06-05 Linda Back McKay: Awareness
2013-06-04 James Henderson: Driving Lessons
2013-06-03 Julie Hart: Throwaway Culture
2013-05-31 Susan Carol Hauser: Birthday
2013-05-30 Mark Maire: Minnesota Forensic
2013-05-29 Alyssa Hale: Who I Am
2013-05-28 Francine Sterle: To the Birds of Spring
2013-05-27 Mike Forbes: Red Canoe, Kitchi Lake
2013-05-24 Ella Edbloom: Balloons
2013-05-23 Sami Szendrey: The Beach
2013-05-22 Casiana Siegle: My Family
2013-05-21 Nora Hubbard: Beauties of the World
2013-05-20 Ahni Johnson-Jennings: Can I Plant A Mango Seed
2013-05-17 Louis Jenkins: Insects
2013-05-16 Iman Mefleh: January 16th, 2013
2013-05-15 Chris Julson: My Last Valentine
2013-05-14 Mike Rollin: Summer
2013-05-13 Julia Klatt-Singer: Mistaken For Stars
2013-05-10 Louis Jenkins: Walking Through A Wall
2013-05-09 Ellie Schoenfeld: Chicken Farmer Barbie
2013-05-08 Susan Koefod: Singed
2013-05-07 Charmaine Donovan: Introduction To the Plains
2013-05-06 Doris Stengel: Mielke Family Cemetery
2013-05-03 Louis Jenkins: Confessional Poem
2013-05-02 Dallas Crow: The Holy Order of Fish Handlers
2013-05-01 Melissa Fletcher: Dressing Up Like Birds
2013-04-30 Ed Dallas: Hanging On
2013-04-29 Rebecca Dosch Brown: Skating Both Worlds
2013-04-26 Gary Lee Joyner: Mr. & Mrs. Filigree
2013-04-25 Doris Stengel: Buried Talent
2013-04-24 Louis Jenkins: The Fishing Lure
2013-04-23 Wendell Affield: Streams
2013-04-22 Liz Minette: November
2013-04-19 Gary Lee Joyner: Cricket
2013-04-18 Connie Wanek: Honey
2013-04-17 Susan Hensel: Animal Dreams
2013-04-16 Bill Caldwell: My Infinity Dive
2013-04-15 Todd Boss: To Wait
2013-04-12 Ann Niedringhaus: Friendship
2013-04-11 Ryan Vine: On the Jetty
2013-04-10 Julia Oxenreider: Numb
2013-04-09 Kevin Zepper: Monarchs
2013-04-08 Julia Klatt-Singer: The Fall After
2013-04-05 Louis Jenkins: Fish Out of Water
2013-04-04 Susan Carol Hauser: Anniversary
2013-04-03 Yahya Fredrickson: Snappers
2013-04-02 Liz Minette: At Solstice
2013-04-01 Gary Lee Joyner: I Itch
2013-03-29 Susan Hensel: Beached
2013-03-28 Dallas Crow: Playing Ping Pong with My Son
2013-03-27 Patricia Kirkpatrick: Survivor's Guilt
2013-03-26 Todd Boss: Today It Seemed I Had Nothing To Say
2013-03-25 Charmaine Donovan: Welcoming the Storm
2013-03-22 Joyce Sutphen: Girl On A Tractor
2013-03-21 Marsh Muirhead: Snowbirds In Black and White
2013-03-20 Carol Ann Russell: Italian Men and Gold
2013-03-19 Mark Christensen: The Next Class
2013-03-18 Anthony Swann: These Are My People
2013-03-15 Joyce Sutphen: H
2013-03-14 Erin Lynn Marsh: I Try To Imagine Eva Braun
2013-03-13 Charlie Pulkrabek: The Second Dark Age, Number One
2013-03-12 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Monologue
2013-03-11 Dean Brooks: On the Shore
2013-03-08 Sharon Chmielarz: Wonder Woman At 70
2013-03-07 Gary Boelhower: Centering
2013-03-06 Bill Caldwell: You Mother
2013-03-05 Kevin Zepper: Autumn Daughter
2013-03-04 Julia Klatt-Singer: Tangle
2013-03-01 Carol Ann Russell: Poets of the Non-Catholic Cemetary
2013-02-28 Julia Oxenreider: Blowhole
2013-02-27 Mark Christensen: Crutches
2013-02-26 Susan Carol Hauser: Guests At the Table
2013-02-25 Nikki Anderson-Weir: Untitled
2013-02-22 Ryan Vine: Psalm At Last Call
2013-02-21 Linda Back McKay: Chicken Without A Cause
2013-02-20 Francine Sterle: Consider Pa Ling
2013-02-19 Mike Forbes: Coming Into Leaving
2013-02-18 CarolAnn Russell: Things We Talk About At Home
2013-02-15 Doris Stengel: Vernon's White Onions
2013-02-14 Danny Klecko: I Love You Jane Goodall
2013-02-13 Michelle Mathees: Iconic
2013-02-12 CarolAnn Russell: Carnival
2013-02-11 Julie Gard: Tiny Plastic Mouse
2013-02-08 Connie Wanek: Artificial Tears
2013-02-07 Todd Boss: Blind
2013-02-06 Susan Hensel: Ophelia's Dream
2013-02-05 Charles Pulkrabek: Elbow Grease
2013-02-04 Patricia Kirkpatrick: Vision Test
2013-02-01 Marsh Muirhead: Super Bowl
2013-01-31 Susan Hauser: If You Were Here
2013-01-30 Dallas Crow: The Aesthetics of Gravity
2013-01-29 Tami Brown: The Poet Robert Bly Gives His Annual Saint Valentines Day Reading To the Town of Moose Lake, Minnesota, Population 1207
2013-01-28 Gail Rixen: Shell River
2013-01-25 Mary Finch: Let Me Enter Into Your Dwelling
2013-01-24 Charmaine Donovan: Bad Boy's Blue Shoes Shuffle
2013-01-23 Dean Brooks: Ruins
2013-01-22 Francine Sterle: Two Fox Running
2013-01-21 Mike Forbes: Fall Lake
2013-01-18 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Shoveling Out
2013-01-17 Cheryl Wilke: Sea Crow
2013-01-16 Sharon Harris: Will You Stay
2013-01-15 Marsh Muirhead: Thin Ice
2013-01-14 Jon Dallas: As I Was Trying To Say
2013-01-11 Aaron Wenger: Winter Song
2013-01-10 Julie Gard: Kalevala
2013-01-09 Bill Caldwell: Dog Days
2013-01-08 Muriel Keaveny: Masks
2013-01-07 Yahya Fredrickson: Spawn
2013-01-04 Ann Niedringhaus: Vigils
2013-01-03 Anthony Swann: Blue Trailings (Parker's Road Song)
2013-01-02 Joyce Sutphen: Riding the Highway With Emily
2013-01-01 Doris Stengel: Recycling
2012-12-31 CarolAnn Russell: Limoncello
2012-12-28 Athena Kildegaard: On Juggler Lake
2012-12-27 Mark Christensen: Jackpine
2012-12-26 Lorie Yourd: After Hearing About the Rain
2012-12-25 Danny Klecko: 124 Degrees
2012-12-24 Robert Jevne: O Christmas Tree
2012-12-21 Sharon Harris: The Chances I Never Took
2012-12-20 Michelle Matthees: Vladivostok Apartment
2012-12-19 Gary Boelhower: Blueberry Picking
2012-12-18 Julie Gard: Ticks
2012-12-17 Dean Brooks: Others
2012-12-14 Linda Back McKay: Heron
2012-12-13 Sharon Chmielarz: Fruit Closet
2012-12-12 Charlie Pulkrabek: Lose the Rat Race
2012-12-11 Charmaine Donovan: Snow Gray Silence
2012-12-10 Kevin Zepper: Fossils
2012-12-07 Doris Stengel: Grandma Walked Wide
2012-12-06 Chris Julson: Along the Road Home
2012-12-05 Muriel Keaveny: Doorways In the Day
2012-12-04 Ron Frannea: At First Glance . . .
2012-12-03 Cheryl Wilke: My Neighbors Up North
2012-11-30 Danny Klecko: 13 Years Old
2012-11-29 Mike Finley: Toggle
2012-11-28 Erin Lynn Marsh: How Not To Fall In Love
2012-11-27 Marsh Muirhead: Navigating
2012-11-26 CarolAnn Russell: A Return
2012-11-23 Mike Finley: Old Girlfriends
2012-11-22 Mary Finch: Let Me Introduce You To the Mine Pit
2012-11-21 Jon Dallas: Women and Their Boys Flying
2012-11-20 Joyce Sutphen: Arrangement In Gray and Black
2012-11-19 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Waitress
2012-11-16 Francine Sterle: Consider Lu Chang
2012-11-15 Roberta Tietge: Clocking Out
2012-11-14 Athena Kildegaard: Untitled Love Poem
2012-11-13 Mike Finley: Is There NASCAR In Heaven
2012-11-12 Michelle Matthees: Pink Horizon In Siberia
2012-11-09 Anna Ingalls: Untitled
2012-11-08 Nikki Anderson-Weir: Untitled
2012-11-07 Anna Ingalls: Untitled
2012-11-06 Nikki Anderson-Weir: My Deepest Truths
2012-11-05 Anna Ingalls: If You Looked
2012-11-02 Todd Boss: Dream In Brilliant Color Though I Might
2012-11-01 Todd Boss: Dunes
2012-10-31 Deborah Cooper: Tikkun (Hebrew for: mending the world; divine sparks)
2012-10-30 Deborah Cooper: Through the Night
2012-10-29 Sheila Packa: Memento
2012-10-26 Anthony Swann: Beethoven Mad In the Streets
2012-10-25 Anne Dunn: A Poem In Honor of Paul Wellstone
2012-10-24 Mary Finch: Let's Go On A Lark Together
2012-10-23 Amy Clark: Plains
2012-10-22 Jon Dallas: The Haloed Moon and Storm to Come
2012-10-19 Mike Forbes: Free Range
2012-10-18 Sonja Kosler: Resting Place
2012-10-17 Mark Conway: In The Ruins
2012-10-16 Sharon Harris: Mother To Child
2012-10-15 Lorie Yourd: Broadband
2012-10-12 Charlie Pulkrabek: Skills and Traits
2012-10-11 Joyce Sutphen: Things You Didn't Put On Your Resume
2012-10-10 Gail Rixen: One of Us
2012-10-09 Ann Niedringhaus: Horrendous Certainty
2012-10-08 Marsh Muirhead: Obituary
2012-10-05 Ryan Vine: Mattress Salesman Ward
2012-10-04 Charmaine Donovan: Love In the Ticket Booth
2012-10-03 Will Weaver: The Tow Rope
2012-10-02 John Berryman: Dream Song #75 (Turning it over, considering like a madman)
2012-10-01 CarolAnn Russell: News From All Directions
2012-09-28 Jon Dallas: Old Friends
2012-09-27 Sheila Packa: Ode to Rhubarb
2012-09-26 Linda Back McKay: Regrets
2012-09-25 Sharon Chmielarz: Tomatoes
2012-09-24 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Hurricane
2012-09-21 River Maria Urke: Echoes
2012-09-20 Nathan Bergstedt: Kim Kardasian Gets A Divorce
2012-09-19 Erin Lynn Marsh: Mathematics For Mother
2012-09-18 Louis Jenkins: Laundromat
2012-09-17 Audrey Helbling: Her Treasure
2012-09-14 Mark Christensen: An Old Watch
2012-09-13 Elisa Korentayer: Ryokan In Small Mountian Village Outside Kyoto
2012-09-12 Aaron Wenger: Fireflies Et al.
2012-09-11 Charmaine Donovan: Banana Mania
2012-09-10 Francine Sterle: After Visiting a Nature Conservancy Volunteer
2012-09-07 Sheila Packa: Crows
2012-09-06 John Berryman: Dream Song #1 - Huffy Henry Hid the Day
2012-09-05 Gail Rixen: Old Barn
2012-09-04 John Thornberg: Settling
2012-09-03 Joyce Sutphen: Work
2012-08-31 Linda Back McKay: If You Can't Hit the High Notes You're Not the Only One
2012-08-30 Sharon Chmielarz: Table
2012-08-29 Anthony Swann: Gramma Calling
2012-08-28 Ryan Vine: Rule 14
2012-08-27 Ryan Vine: Rule 5
2012-08-24 Charlie Pulkrabek: Pedestrian Tragedy
2012-08-23 Shanthi Siva: Word Power
2012-08-22 Katie Hae Leo: How To Leave Iowa
2012-08-21 Mark Christensen: Boy With Dog
2012-08-20 CarolAnn Russell: Fishing
2012-08-17 Charlie Pulkrabek: Your Culprit
2012-08-16 Will Weaver: Minnesota Grooming
2012-08-15 Erin Lynn Marsh: Writing At Night
2012-08-14 Marsh Muirhead: Jesus Is Coming
2012-08-13 LouAnn Shepard Muhm: Breadcrumbs
2012-08-10 Sean Hill: Postcard To My Third Crush Today
2012-08-09 Sean Hill: Postcard To Eduardo
2012-08-08 Sean Hill: Postcard To Wrong Address
2012-08-07 Sean Hill: Postcard To Anna
2012-08-06 Sean Hill: Postcard To Nostalgia
2012-08-03 Joyce Sutphen: Guys Like That
2012-08-02 Sonja Kosler: Near The End
2012-08-01 Katie Hae Leo: What We Do With Our Time
2012-07-31 Lorie Yourd: Montana Log Cabin Cafe / Muskrat Lake
2012-07-30 Sharon Harris: Walking These Hills / The Empty End of Things
2012-07-27 James Armstrong: Deadfall
2012-07-26 Will Weaver: Deer and Car
2012-07-25 Marsh Muirhead: Head Cold
2012-07-24 Allen Tate: Emblems
2012-07-23 Sara Breeze: I Like To Swim Naked In My Lake
2012-07-20 John Berryman: The High Ones Die
2012-07-19 James Wright: A Blessing
2012-07-18 Mary Finch: Let Me Take You To the River
2012-07-17 Louis Jenkins: Mudhole
2012-07-16 Louis Jenkins: The Telephone
2012-07-13 Guido: Nostalgia
2012-07-12 Mary Finch: On The Right Track
2012-07-11 Nathan Bergstedt: A Weekend Visit
2012-07-10 Joyce Sutphen: Your Call is Important to Us
2012-07-09 Joyce Sutphen: How to Listen
2012-07-06 Guido: Wayfaring Suitcase
2012-07-05 John Berryman: Henry's Understanding

James Wright: Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy's Farm in Pine Island Minnesota


Gregory Corso: Dream of a Baseball Star

Now Accepting Poems:

To Whom It May Concern:

From: Steve Downing/Acting Producer/THE BEAT

Northern Community Radio is pleased to announce the launch of a new program in its Monday-Friday Morning Show line-up: THE BEAT. Between 7:30 and 8:00, THE BEAT will feature a short poem by a Minnesota poet (published or not, well known or not). Three minutes is about the time limit---shorter than that is fine, too. If this interests you, email me a work sample, and I'll follow up. If reading/recording intimidates you but THE BEAT idea is appealing, we have several professional, poetry-hip readers around here who will definitely do justice to your work. Feel free to forward this to whomever---anyone you think should know about THE BEAT.

THE BEAT will be airing on 91.7 KAXE (89.9/Brainerd) and 90.5 KBXE, on 150,000 watts of signal power, meaning much of northern Minnesota will pick it up, from Thief River Falls to Hermantown to Pierz.

Here's to poetry. Send us your best. Try to avoid the temptations of religion and partisan politics, and remember: the Federal Communications Commission is listening. There will be small stipends awarded to writers whose work is accepted.

Steve Downing

Northern Community Radio



From the KLOG: The Beat Blog
7/25/12: The Beginning
by Steve Downing, Acting Producer of The Beat
In the first two weeks of The Beat, Northern Community Radio's Morning Show poem-for-a-day, we've featured some very famous, very dead poets with Minnesota connections: Gregory Corso, a charter member of the Beats back in the 1950s; John Berryman, a highly acclaimed poet and teacher when he jumped to his death from a bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis in 1972; James Wright, a Pulitzer Prize winning poet who taught at both the University of Minnesota and Macalaster; and Joyce Sutphen, Minnesota's current Poet Laureate.

And we've included poets who are known (as poets) only to their families and friends.  In time, as this project heats up, you'll even hear poems written and read by kids who don't think of themselves as poets. There are really only two criteria at The Beat: 1) the poetry has to be good, and 2) Minnesota has to figure prominently in the poet's personal story.

An RFP (Request For Poems) is floating around the state now, after a few strategic emails, and poetry is pouring in from everywhere, particularly from established, published poets who are well connected to each other and to the grapevine and who know what a unique opportunity The Beat is.  We won't be able to use every submission, but we promise to look carefully at everything, without bias as to where it came from.

Listen for The Beat after Best Wishes, between 7:30 and 8:00 Monday through Friday mornings. We'll likely find other times to use it, too. We're making this up as we go along, in true Northern Community Radio fashion, and the feedback is telling us we're most definitely onto something

The Beat is funded by Minnesota's Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.
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