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KAXE Live Stream Help

Here's some infomation that you may find useful.

MP3 streams can be played by ITunes, QuickTime, Real Player, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and other media players. We provide the MP3 stream in two different link styles -- .pls and .asx -- because different players prefer different link styles.

  • .pls: ITunes, QuickTime, Real Player, WinAmp
  • .asx: Windows Media Player

Choosing your media player

Do you want the stream to launch in a different player?  When you install a media player, it will often try to become your default player and "claim" most media types, so when you try to play music or videos of those types, that player will automatically start up and play it. Unless you tell it not to, the most recently installed media player will be the default player for most of the types. You can reset these preferences in the following places:
  • RealPlayer - Tools> Preferences> Content> Media Types
  • Winamp - Options> Preferences
  • Windows Media Player - Tools> Options>FileTypes

Skips and Glitches

  • Slow connection: You may not have a fast enough Internet connection to reliably listen to audio online. The stream is configured so that an audience member with a 56kbps modem can listen, but we recommend a higher connection speed for best results
  • Internet congestion can slow down the delivery of the stream, and may make it difficult for you to connect, or may cause increased buffering. This congestion could occur anywhere between you and the station. We apologize for your inconvenience and suggest you keep trying, or try again later. If you have repeated difficulty connecting, please notify your ISP -- there are often quick fixes they can make when they learn about your issue.  Try increasing your player's buffering setting.
  • Local congestion: local (on your computer) bandwidth is shared between all open applications and the player, so closing applications frees up memory and may reduce buffering. To see what proportion of your available bandwidth you're using: Right-click on the Microsoft Windows Media Player status bar and view statistics. Also try increasing your player's buffering setting.
  • Corporate Firewalls: We've had MANY people not able to connect because their workplace has installed systemwide firewalls to block MP3s and streaming.  You need to contact your Information Technology Department to resolve this issue.
  • Rebooting your computer often helps as well.


Need a Player?  Here's some free one's that work well...
ITunes (Mac OS)
XMMS (Linux OS)

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