Bemidji Community Food Shelf

M. Montgomery

Rachel Schaap moved to Bemidji MN last December 30th, during the coldest part of the winter. She and her wife Elizabeth had started farming 3 years ago, in the mountains of North Carolina. "We had a small farmstead," Rachel explained. "We had our own garden plot, we had goats, chickens, rabbits, a couple farm cats - barn cats - and then our dog. I'd also volunteered down at the Veterans' Healing Farm, which is also in western North Carolina.

The Bemidji Community Food Shelf relocated to the Bemidji Industrial Park in 2012.  The new location, on a large plot of land, provided opportunity for a food shelf farm.  The farm has produced fresh fruit and vegetables for the past four summers.  This fall, in addition to the farm, the food shelf has just completed a deep winter greenhouse that will provide fresh produce throughout the winter in addition to the summer crops.