Brainerd MN

Tawnee Corning

Brainerd and Bemidji, MN both have some great opportunities in February for people to experience art, meet other creative folks and express themselves.  Area Voices producer Katie Carter broke it down for us on the morning show.   She told us about the February shows at the Crossing Arts Alliance in Brainerd, what's happening at the Watermark Art Center, then she tipped us off to some of the exhibits on the First Friday Art Walk in Bemidji.  Click on the link for the full report! 

Nick DeVries creates pottery that  melds functionality with fine art.  The skills he honed as a production potter throwing more than 300,000 pieces combined with his natural instincts of design and artistry have resulted in a body of work that is utilitarian while also gallery quality.   In this segment of Area Voices, he discusses his artistic path. 

Crossing Arts Alliance

Every first Friday of the month, we connect with folks across northern Minnesota and find out what is happening in the arts scenes across our listening area.  In this segment of Area Voices, Katie Carter chats with Lisa Jordan from the Crossing Arts Alliance in Brainerd about the happenings tonight and through the month of January in downtown Brainerd.   The inaugural exhibit for 2018 at the Crossing Arts Alliance is called “See the Sounds” and melds music and visual arts throughout the experience..

Hannah Rakow is a young woman on a mission - a mission to create.  Her medium of choice is clay and  her passion lies in the art of creating one of a kind ceramics.   In this Area Voices segment, Hannah shares how her path led her toward the love of design more than once and how, once she listened to her inner voice, ceramics have taken over her life. 


We spoke with Lisa Jordan from the Crossing Arts Alliance in Brainerd.  She told us all about the Alliance's upcoming move,  the wearable art style show that will celebrate their new space and lots of exciting things happening in downtown Brainerd.