Katie Carter

Northern Minnesotans know how to thrive in winter.  Ice fishing, snowmobiling,  ice skating, snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, curling and sitting in saunas are just a few ways we blow through the winter blahs. Dan Carlson's hobby blows most people's out of the water.  In fact, Dan Carlson loves being under the water.  He loves scuba diving. During the frigid winter months, he scuba dives the frozen lakes of northern Minnesota.    In this segment of Area Voices, Dan Carlson talks ice diving.  

For nearly a decade, Lily Winter's signature style of jewelry has been that of re-purposed silver trays and painted metals.  Her business savvy has proved beneficial in the jewelry world as she's been selling her unique and well-crafted wares as her primary source of income for the past six years.  But times they are a-changing.

Hannah Rakow is a young woman on a mission - a mission to create.  Her medium of choice is clay and  her passion lies in the art of creating one of a kind ceramics.   In this Area Voices segment, Hannah shares how her path led her toward the love of design more than once and how, once she listened to her inner voice, ceramics have taken over her life. 

Area Voices: Gangs

Nov 8, 2017

 "All human beings have an intrinsic desire to be accepted, to know it's ok to be me and someone's got my back...if the existing choices for having that, for finding that, feel like they don't fit, then people look elsewhere..."

Anton Treuer stopped by the KBXE studio recently and spoke candidly about a variety of topics, one of which was gangs on northern Minnesota reservations.  Gangs can be appealing in terms of meeting that essential human need to belong and feel protected.  Click on the link for the full conversation.  

Susan Kedzie is a visual artist, a jeweler, a scientist and a teacher.  She's passionate about making the world a better place and that mentality flows into all of her work.  Her first children's book, A Thousand Purring Cats, is a story about ordering a collection of cats via a cat catalog.   It's also a book about emotional healing and getting through the rough patches in life.