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Jim Gallagher via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Each week we hear from young phenology reporters across northern Minnesota (and a few not-so-young phenologists, too).  John Latimer puts those reports together and share them with out listeners every Tuesday during the morning show and it's one of our favorite things. 

Wendy Greenberg contributed this essay about Contra dancing and the rewards of sticking your neck out. You can stick your neck out too by submitting your poem, essay or short-short fiction to wordish@kaxe.org. What the world needs now is better words!

Listen to Marsh Muirhead's terrific poem

'A Dog's Heart.' You won't regret it

Wordish is a new writer-centered audio segment and we want to hear from you – your voice, your words. We have expanded the format to include short fiction and creative essay as well as poetry so you have more opportunity to express yourself.

This week we heard from Brian Laidlaw with Home of the Standstill Parade

Today's What's for Breakfast guest, Diane Borgert, invites us into her kitchen in Swanville to get to know her better. Diane became a new member one day before speaking with John and Heidi on The Morning Show