Milt Lee

Milt Lee visits The Farm By The Lake and talks with caretakers Marty Cobenais and Dawn Loeffler about the many events held at this retreat center near Bagley.

Milt Lee

Milt Lee talks with Bernis Ingvaldson, owner of The Honeyberry Farm south of Bagley.  The Honeyberry Farm has a nursery offering on-line sales of specialty cold hardy fruit bushes including honeyberry (haskap) shrubs, dwarf sour cherry bushes, saskatoon seedlings, elderberry and more. 

U-Pick Berries are available on the farm Sunday-Friday from late June through July 31st and again in September, from 9am to 6pm and evenings by appointment.

Milt Lee talks to Michelle Ruport from Bemidji about organizing marketing opportunities for people who create with their hands, through her business Creative North.

This week on Call of the Wild we meet 91 year old inventor Jack McAllister from Riverton, Minnesota. Jack shares many of his various inventions and stories, from a 6th grade gun powder experiment to present day inventions he is marketing.

Milt Lee talks with Matt Ratliff, owner of Ready-2-Fruit Mushrooms, a business that supplies people with the information and supplies to grow your own mushrooms - indoor or outdoor -  shiitake, morel, oyster and more!