#Monday Morning Show

This week on Call of the Wild we meet 91 year old inventor Jack McAllister from Riverton, Minnesota. Jack shares many of his various inventions and stories, from a 6th grade gun powder experiment to present day inventions he is marketing.

Artist Maureen O'Brien on Call of the Wild

Feb 4, 2018

Artist Maureen O'Brien shares her life as an artist in Solway and talks of how art can nourish the inner soul.

Golf ... a game? In his poem "No Lie", Rob Dougherty and his pal Dave play it out on the course.

Here at wordish, where our motto is "What the world needs now is better words", we believe in helping you follow through with that pesky " world-wide cultural domination" resolution, but YOU have to make the first step. Send us your poem, short-short fiction, micro-memoir, or creative essay today! Look for wordish on the KAXE homepage for more info.

Sometimes, when shopping, finding just the right thing requires a little...reverse engineering. Bemidji poet Marsh Muirhead witnessed the process first hand and writes about it in his poem "The Bowl".