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Has the land we live on always been seen as a "resource center" as Aaron Brown puts it?  Where do our thoughts about environmental concerns come from, historically?  Listen to this month's Dig Deep with Chuck Marohn and Aaron Brown

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In her poem "A Man in an Illinois Tollbooth Called Me a 'Beautiful Woman' as I was Driving Away", Brett Elizabeth Jenkins makes a split second decision and lives the dream.

Minneapolis poet, Tony Plocido cut his teeth down-south in the Kansas City poetry scene, but in this poem, "Orchestrations," he heads up-north to sort things out

Emily Derke on Call of the Wild

Feb 12, 2018

On Call of the Wild Milt Lee talks to basket maker Emily Derke about her baskets and the many practical uses she has for them living in her  yurt outside of Dora Lake, Minnesota.

Have you ever wondered if technology adapts to our needs, or if our needs adapt to technology? This week, Minneapolis based writer Ali O'Reilly gives us "A Short History of the Telephone" and tries to split the distance between the two.