Monday morning show

KAXE/KBXE focuses on the written word a lot.  Whether it's for writers with Wordish on Monday mornings at 6:50, writer essays from Steve Downing or contributors to our Sunday night program Stay Human with Michael Goldberg.....

In her essay "Simple, Sacred", Serenity Schoonover runs us through her process for being there.

Milt Lee talks with Matt Ratliff, owner of Ready-2-Fruit Mushrooms, a business that supplies people with the information and supplies to grow your own mushrooms - indoor or outdoor -  shiitake, morel, oyster and more!

Has the land we live on always been seen as a "resource center" as Aaron Brown puts it?  Where do our thoughts about environmental concerns come from, historically?  Listen to this month's Dig Deep with Chuck Marohn and Aaron Brown

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In her poem "A Man in an Illinois Tollbooth Called Me a 'Beautiful Woman' as I was Driving Away", Brett Elizabeth Jenkins makes a split second decision and lives the dream.