Morning Show

When John and Heidi pulled up a chair to Genevieve Radniecki's table for breakfast, they didn't know they'd be hiring out John for staining services this summer.

Milt Lee talks to artist and entrepreneur Wesley May about his community based art studio and t-shirt manufaturing plant, Wesley May Arts, in Red Lake, MN.

Amanda Lofthus joined John and Sarah to talk about breakfast, but since she hadn't had any, the conversation went every which way. From graduation to block parties, and from spring road tours to lettuce and cheese sandwiches, John and Sarah discovered how to make it through the day on little or no food.

Northern Community Board member Doug Baker joined Heidi and John on What's For Breakfast. He survived a mystery jar of preserves from France on toast with butter. He also had his daily orange juice while getting ready for coffee later. Doug and his wife were heading out for a good time at local sales, but they were happy to take time to talk about morning routines.

Milt Lee visits with Russ Lund about what lead him to become an artist.  Russ also describes his sculpture he has submitted for the Bemidji Sculpture Walk, his piece is one of the 12 dog sculptures to be found on the walk.