Tune in for our weekly segment - this week the latest on copper nickel mining in Hoyt Lakes -Polymet, the DNR is studying bears and ice conditions. 

What is cold, really?

Jan 16, 2018
Northern Community Radio

Cold is relative.  Listen to our staff phenologist John Latimer explain his thoughts on cold. 


This morning Karen Noyce sat in on A Talk On the Wild Side and helped us understand bears more. 

Jason Rylander of North Country Guide Service

Some people call it poor man’s lobster,   others just call it ugly.  At any rate, it’s usually a catch that leaves fishermen talking.  The burbot, commonly known as eelpout, is a bottom-feeder fish known for its potentially large size, its ability to coil  itself around the arm of the person who catches it, and of course for its flavor.  It is the reason behind the annual International Eelpout Festival that takes place every year on Leech Lake in Walker, M

We spoke with Katie Marshall from the MacRostie Arts Center in Grand Rapids, Molly Olson from the Ely Folk School and Katie Carter from the KBXE studio this morning about what's happening in the arts and culture scene around the area.   February is busy month in northern Minnesota.   Inspiring art exhibits, sweet live music, snow sculptures, ice fishing, cross country skiing and theater are just a few things that might be of interest to you.