Coach Trent Klatt and the GR High School State Champs

Mar 16, 2017

We talk a lot during our membership drives about what you hear when you tune in to Northern Community Radio.  It's people and music with passion.  Whether it's John Latimer, Colleen Nardone, Julie Crabb or Marshall Helmberger, it's people who are passionate about what they do in the world. 

Today was a great example.  We invited GR Hockey Coach Trent Klatt to talk with us about winning the championship last weekend.  And we got so much more.  He was as proud of the GR High School band as he was the hockey team!   If you thought you were proud of the northern teams winning at state last weekend, this will make you proud of the state of hockey. 

AND, you'll find out why Coach Klatt's coaching style worked so well.  He has passion not just for hockey, but for his players to give it their all.  He and John Bauer got into a really interesting conversation about whether kids should play more than one sport in high school.  What do you think? 

Thanks to our regular hockey commentator Dan Anderson at Hockey House in Brainerd.  Nice job on the prediction of GR taking the title at the beginning of the season!

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