Phenology Talkbacks: March 14, 2016

Mar 15, 2017


Phenology is the rhythmic biologica nature of events as they relate to climate.  Each week we hear from classrooms and listeners around the listening area who are observing and making note of changes they see in the natural world.  This week we heard from Mr. Holmes' 5th grade classroom at Roosevelt Elementary School in Virginia, MN. The kids have noticed all kinds of things going on, including the freezing of a flooded swamp.  We also heard from Dallas who has been noticing a big change in animal activity this past week.  He reminds us all that the roadsides are a big magnet for animals right now because the recent thaw inspired fresh shoots of growth for animals, so be careful! We would love to know what you've been noticing!  Send us an email or leave a message at 218.999.9876 so we can learn what's going on in your neck of the woods!   If you love this stuff, check out our Season Watch page on Facebook where people all over northern Minnesota and even Canada are posting videos and images of what they are noticing out in nature!