Bestselling MN mystery writer Brian Freeman has a new Jonathan Stride novel out “Alter Ego”.  Scott Hall and Michael Small spoke with Brain about his latest release.

Brian Freeman’s latest mystery featuring detective Jonathan Stride is “Alter Ego”.  You can find info at his website

The novel Tradition goes into the privileged world of a private boarding school where only a few have power.  It's told from the perspective of Jules and Bax.  Jules is a good student who is starting to see the problems of the school and how power and status plays out.  Bax is a scholarship student who has been trained to be aggressive on the rink as a hockey goalie.  Their friendship and standing up for what's right is at the center of this tale.

Veera Hirnanandani joined us to talk about her novel "The Night Diary".

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The Virginia Public Library holds their 2nd annual "Queen City Reads" this week.  Events are Tuesday February 26th at noon, and the author will be at the library on Thursday March 1st at noon. 

The chosen book is written by MN mystery writer Allen Eskens.  It is  "The Deep Dark Descending".