Sandy Cameron of Deer River recently visited Cuba, but stayed away from the tours and tourists.  He and his wife stayed in private homes, including one in Cenguey.  Their hosts were black, and in their living room they had this 3-foot high wood carving, which Sandy says tells us something of the real Cuba.  He talked with Michael Goldberg, on the travel segment of weekly program Stay Human, Sundays at 10 pm. 

Frieda Hall

Scott and Frieda Hall went to VietNam in March 2017, with a tour organized by Itasca Community College.  Frieda took this photo while they glided through the Mekong Delta.  A high school social studies teacher, Frieda talks with Michael Goldberg about some of what she learned on the trip, seeing things from the other side. 

This conversation was broadcast on Stay Human, conversation, music and essays for spirit and courage, Sundays at 10 pm.